Spencer Smith March Out 42mm American Civil War Miniatures

May 28, 2020 by brennon

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Spencer Smith Miniatures has released a new set of 42mm miniatures for those of you looking to recreate the battles of the American Civil War. Both the Union and the Confederates are in the mix with a core of Infantry to help build up your collection.

Union Infantry - Spencer Smith Miniatures

The miniatures can be brought as either a complete set (shown above) or broken down into two different packs which focus on the command element (flag bearer etc) and then a core of riflemen. The same goes for the Confederates who have been arranged in the same way.

Confederate Infantry - Spencer Smith Miniatures

The collection has been created to match their extensive Shiny Toy Soldiers range whilst also bringing in a higher level of detail that they've worked on for their Classics range. 42mm is a slightly larger scale than many people are used to playing around with but it should be good for those who want to make dioramas and play out big battles at events and such.

It would be neat to see some of these 42mm miniatures painted up so we could get a better look at the details in the sculpts. They look pretty good although there seems to be a bit of softness in their faces, especially on the bearded fellows. It's hard to tell from a picture though!

What do you make of these new soldiers?

"What do you make of these new soldiers?"

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