New Releases Span The Centuries For Baccus 6MM

July 20, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Baccus 6mm has some new releases that span the last few centuries of warfare.  They have expanded their Seven Years War with some new French units, the Compagnies Franche de la Marine.

With these expansions they allow you to now play out this conflict on another continent as it takes you into the French and Indian War. They have also include some local Canadian militia to help the regular army out in this unfamiliar territory.

Moving into the American War of Independance we have Native American Indians that were enlisted in the cause for England. These could even be brought into play with French for the French and Indian War.

The third set of releases move us into the 20th Century with the new British Paratroopers for WWII these units took part in many operations and really excelled in glider operations.

One of the more famous and sadly less successful mission was Operation Market Garden, which saw British Para jumping outside of Arnhem and trying to take and hold a "Bridge Too Far". These were some tough and brave men who were able to hold out against extraordinary odds.

Baccus 6MM is also offering some support weapons.  I have been dabbling in smaller scale miniatures 10mm and less and I am intrigued by doing a 6mm Arnhem battle table. I think that would make an incredible gaming event.

Have you tried small scale miniatures?

"I have been dabbling in smaller scale miniatures..."

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