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Blackletter Games

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Why Blackletter Games Resurrected Damnation: The Gothic Game | Designer Interview


Dive into a designer interview with Kris Rees of Blackletter Games as we discuss Damnation: The Gothic Game and why it was resurrected for Kickstarter!

Check Out Damnation: The Gothic Game On Kickstarter Now


Blackletter Games is now on Kickstarter with the reinvention of a classic board game. Damnation: The Gothic Game is a battle royale themed board game for two-to-six players which drops you into a horror-filled fight for survival. 

Let’s Play: Damnation – The Gothic Game | Blackletter Games


The team dive into a Let's Play of Horror Board Game, Damnation: The Gothic Game, from Blackletter Games, a modern interpretation of a classic board game from 1966! 

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