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Games & Gears Show Off The Legendary Monster Series At Gen Con


Games & Gears is celebrating Gen Con 50 in the best of ways, with 2 lines of limited edition adventuring minis. Check out the very menacing, Legendary Monsters Series: The Ettin!

Gen Con Legendary Heroes Now Available For Pre-Order


We've been taking a look at those Gen Con Legendary Heroes over the past few weeks by Games & Gears. The last model in the lineup, the Ranger, was announced yesterday and the webstore is now accepting pre-orders.

Dwarf Hero Joins Games & Gears Gen Con Releases


Games & Gears continue to show off their upcoming Gen Con releases with the Dwarf Hero who will fight alongside your other heroes in role-playing adventures and more.

Games & Gears Share Female Mage Hero For Gen Con


Another of the special miniatures lined up for Gen Con this year from Games & Gears is this impressive Female Mage Hero.

Official Gen Con Orc Previewed By Games & Gears


If you're wanting to take home something special from Gen Con this year then maybe the Games & Gears Gen Con Orc could be the keepsake worth keeping an eye out for.

Dark Deeds Gets A Killer Display Table For Gen Con By Dave Taylor


Folks bring their A-Game for Gen Con, and Games & Gears has something really special up their sleeves. They've enlisted the talent of Dave Taylor Miniatures to create a one of a kind game table to play Dark Deeds on, that sets the scene perfectly.

The Master Has New Dark Deeds For Games & Gears Gen Con Edition


Do you have what it takes to win the Master's favor in Game's & Gear's Dark Deeds? Then you're in luck, because they're bringing a Gen Con Edition Expansion to the "Best Four Days In Gaming."

Weekender XLBS: Miniatures IP Debate & Bolt Action Tanks Explored


Games & Gears Reveal The Gen Con Legends Ranger


Available at Gen Con and also as a miniature to be sent out Games & Gears have produced this fantastic Gen Con Legends Ranger.

Dark Deeds To See Early Release At Adepticon


The Patron will be calling upon his minions at Adepticon, and the task at hand will be Dark Deeds. Industry leaders: Andy Chambers, Mark Gibbons and Ryan Miller will be launching their dark and humorous new card game, Dark Deeds, at Adepticon at the end of the month!

Adepticon Shows Off Must Have Objective Markers From Games & Gears


Each year, Adepticon joins forces with Game & Gears for some exclusive convention treats, and this year is no exception. The Tactical Objective Marker Set is a must have for gamers and collectors, and is available now as an Early Bird option if you act fast!

Fantastic, Detailed Resin Terrain From Games & Gears


Games & Gears has really delivered some high quality, super detailed, resin terrain to the hobby with their Warsmith Battle Terrain. Whether gaming or painting up amazing scenery for your miniatures on display- this terrain will not disappoint.

More Adepticon Awesomeness From Games & Gears: Field Generator!


Games & Gears is doing it again and has another awesome convention terrain piece! The Field Generator can be purchased through your Adepticon registration and picked up from the convention. For those who cannot attend, it can be purchased through their website and will ship March 19th!

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