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Grimlord Games

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Weekender: Sci-Fi Warhammer Quest & Gaming In The 40K Gaps


Welcome to The Weekender where we're getting excited about what's happening with Warhammer Quest and the exploration of the Blackstone Fortress.

Grimlord Games Take Us On A High Seas Adventure In The Everrain


Grimlord Games has now hit Kickstarter with their latest project, The Everrain, which sees your crew of intrepid adventurers heading out onto the high seas and braving the elements as well as dangerous creatures that dwell in the darkness. 

Grimlord Show Off The Massive Avatar For The Everrain


Grimlord Games has been busy on the 3D printer and created the first look at the massive Avatar from The Everrain which will be coming to Kickstarter soon.

A Sawbones & Worthy Ship Take Shape For Grimlord’s Everrain


Grimlord Games continue their previews for The Everrain which will be coming to Kickstarter later this year.

Grimlord Games Preview The Navigator For The Everrain


Grimlord Games has previewed another of the main characters you'll be using when you get stuck into The Everrain. 

Grimlord Games Tease More Of What Awaits Us In The Everrain


Grimlord Games has been teasing more about their upcoming game, The Everrain.

Grimlord Games Talk New Game Project, The Everrain


Building on the success of Endure The Stars and Village Attacks, Grimlord Games are looking to their next project, The Everrain. This new board game by Adam Smith has quite the evocative cover!

Weekender XLBS: Paint Storage, Putty & Irish Beasts


It's time for us to delve into the awesomeness that is The Weekender XLBS where we have plenty to discuss!

Grimlord Games Show Off Heroes & Monsters For Village Attacks


Grimlord Games, the minds behind Endure The Stars, are planning out their next Kickstarter campaign called Village Attacks.

Weekender XLBS: Chatting Hobby With Romain & A New Way Of Transporting Board Games?


Welcome Backstage to check out some great Kickstarters and delve into a load of hobby that we've been getting stuck into this week...

Grimlord Show Off Impressive Models For Endure The Stars


Grimlord Games have shown off some rather great looking miniatures for their board game, Endure The Stars. Here you can see some of the survivors and monsters that will be hunting you in game...

Last Weekend For Endure The Stars With Grimlord Games On Kickstarter


Grimlord Games are on Kickstarter with their new one to five player cooperative board game called Endure The Stars.

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