Grimlord Games Preview The Navigator For The Everrain

August 18, 2018 by brennon

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Grimlord Games has previewed another of the main characters you'll be using when you get stuck into The Everrain.

The Navigator - The Everrain

This game sees you set out to confront some dark terror at the edge of the world and when you're travelling you'll need a Navigator to help you find your way.

"Men and women of skill and courage have always been essential to a successful voyage across the heartless seas, and this has never been truer now the world is assailed by ceaseless rains from those oppressive and foreboding skies. Finding your way across the tides was a treacherous affair even before the Everrain began and a reliable navigator has never been a more vital member of any crew."

Once again Grimlord Games have hit the nail on the head with their render work here and if their past projects are anything to go by you've got some quality miniatures coming your way. I like how they've managed to stay very close to the artwork as well, something which is becoming more and more common as technology and techniques become more refined.

What do you think of The Navigator?

"...a reliable navigator has never been a more vital member of any crew"

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