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Bolt Action Goes Big! New Battle Of The Bulge Starter Sets Stage For WW2 Wargaming #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we talk about the newly revealed Starter Set for the next edition of Bolt Action where the fighting moves to the Battle Of The Bulge. Brand new plastic kits for the US and the Germans are on the way alongside a reworking and updating of the core rules for the most well-known World War 2 wargame.

Kore Games Get Moving With 28mm Vehicles Of The 80s


Kore Games are on Kickstarter right now during the final days of their latest campaign aiming to bring 28mm Vehicles Of The 80s to the tabletop! Use these for all manner of miniature games, perhaps within the realm of the Pulp?

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