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Morgue Miniatures

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Unboxing: Battlefield Bones | Morgue Miniatures


Gerry Unboxes a funky new set of 28mm Fantasy miniatures, the Battlefield Bones, from the folks at Morgue Miniatures. These could be used in your new undead army OR as pieces in your new terrain projects and dioramas.

Unboxing: 80’s Kids Miniatures | Morgue Miniatures


Gerry gets stuck into an unboxing of the 80's Kids Miniatures that you can pick up for use in your skirmish wargames and roleplaying games too from Morgue Miniatures.

80’s Kids Feel The Need For Speed From Morgue Miniatures


Morgue Miniatures have returned to the 1980s for their new Kickstarter campaign and this time the Kids are on Wheels. 

Morgue Miniatures Take You Back To The 80s With Kid Adventurers


Well, Morgue Miniatures has produced a range of characters on Kickstarter that are good for those looking to toss models into the mix.

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