80’s Kids Feel The Need For Speed From Morgue Miniatures

November 17, 2020 by avernos

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Morgue Miniatures have returned to the 1980s for their new Kickstarter campaign and this time the Kids Are On Wheels. Their latest campaign expands on their previous 80's Kids range with four new sculpts of teenagers by the impressively skilled Mat Holmes as they get some impressive upgrades to help them navigate the decade at pace.


Jennifer // Morgue Miniatures

First up is Jennifer who is a cheerleader with a crush on Patrick and as we can see she is rocking an epic pair of rainbow socks that nicely accessorise the classic roller skates, it makes me nostalgic for my own pair, skates that is I never had rainbow socks *sniffles* The shorts and mop of hair nicely complete the look for Jennifer, a beautifully dynamic pose.


Patrick // Morgue Miniatures

Patrick is a high school jock, but like most jocks, he secretly wishes he was nerdy like the rest of his friends he hangs out with. Rocking a baseball jacket and white trainers he has that quintessential look from countless tv shows and films throughout the 80s as he maintains his balance on his board. I'm sure we'll see some interesting paint jobs by talented painters on the decks of that board.

Julie // Morgue Miniatures

Julie is a fan of the Nancy Drew mysteries and a daydreamer hoping for some crime-solving mysteries that she can get involved in. Her bike has been painted in an incredibly poppy pastel colour which is just what I expect to see from the period. The handlebars have that BMX style to them it's a fantastic looking bit of kit to ride around on.

Elliot // Morgue Miniatures

Last up we have Elliot, the Dungeon Master of his D&D group and another biker. Unlike Julie, his BMX has no mudguards which is a nice touch and explains why he has the McFly like body warmer to stop the back of his shirt getting covered as he goes off-road. Another great looking miniature and ready to face whatever comes his way.

These figures are fantastic editions to the range, a little bit older but with a classic style to the sculpts mean that you can fit these into your games of Tales from the Loop its ilk. However, they are also generic enough that you could easily drop them into modern settings like the walking dead if you wish. I would love to see a companion set of these characters without the wheels down the line but for the time being, I'll happily take these on spec.

Morgue Miniatures 80s kids

Morgue Miniatures // 80s Kids

If you hadn't seen the original Kickstarter the eight sculpts that starter it all is inspired by games like Tales from the Loop and films like the Goonies. The kids look a little younger than the new set but again have a superb look throughout the range and each has a distinctly individual look and they could've stepped out of a John Hughes film.

Morgue Miniatures // Hidalgo and Catrina

However the 1980s is not the only area that interests Fabio and Julie at MM they are also fans of Dungeons and Dragons themselves and have some beautiful undead miniatures starting with the Day of the Dead figures above before moving onto 5th edition inspired figures below it's well worth checking out the Morgue Miniatures Etsy shop if any of these interest you.

Morgue Miniatures // 5th Edition Undead

Having had a chance to chat with Julie and Fabio recently they told me that the next two ranges are already planned and ready to go, focusing on small ranges of miniatures that both interest themselves and aren't readily available from other places means that they can fulfil these quirky kickstarters quickly before getting them on their store.

I'm personally hoping for some more Cthulhu inspired miniatures, but I'll honestly take anything I'm given as they are a truly an exemplar of a boutique company and I'm so happy that in the increasingly cluttered miniatures market filled with homogeneous versions of models diversity is not only welcomed by me but should be actively encouraged.

Are you liking these new miniatures?

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