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ÉPOUVANTAILS : 28mm Figurines de jeux pour KINGS OF WAR

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This project aims to create 28mm figurines intended for the games of figurine such as "KINGS OF WAR", "9th AGE" or "WARHAMMER", short of the games says WARGAMES. We can easily find dwarves, men, orks and other salad eaters in various range of figurines but I was remarked that there was no scarecrow pack to be able to make an army easily.

In Mantic's KING OF WAR game, the scarecrows are an infantry unit of the Nightmares Army, of which there are no figures forcing the world to convert other figures. Now it will no longer be necessary!

I will create modular scarecrow figurines with 5 different bodies 10 different sets of weapons and 2 sets of 5 heads (a theme "pumpkin head" and a theme "head grain bag") each batch of 20 figurines will therefore comprise :

20 bodies (4 X 5 bodies)
20 sets of weapons (2 X 10 set including 1 standards)
40 heads (4 X 5 pumpkin head + 4 X 5 head grain bag)
This kickstarter aims to fund the molds of these scarecrows (very expensive molds) because I have good idea and hands of fairy, I have pockets empty (very empty pocket) so you feel like like me to see scarecrow invade the game tables help me. even 1 euro is always that.

A big thank you from me and a grimace of pumpkins!

ÉPOUVANTAILS : 28mm Figurines de jeux pour KINGS OF WAR - Kicktraq Mini

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