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Welcome! You are now able to follow community member @fishman, our Kickstarter bloodhound, as he picks out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.


You'll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think...

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fishman Kickstarter Hunter! Entries by this blogger

Limitless Monsters - 100 DnD5e monsters

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Limitless-Adventures was created as a way for busy DMs to liven up their campaigns, and reduce the burden of game prep. We specialize in DM-friendly products that minimize your prep so you can spend more time at the table playing and less time writing. Check out our website, for high-quality 5e content and free products posted monthly.

Limitless Monsters - 100 DnD5e monsters - Kicktraq Mini

Star Wars Legion Terrain

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A Kickstarter campaign focusing on terrain for a game that won't exist until next year? Doesn't make much sense I suppose but let's face it, if you're reading this you at least have an interest in buying Star Wars: Legion from FFG. And for many of you, maybe you've already placed your pre-order (we have).

MDF terrain is relatively easy to produce but it takes time. So we wanted to get a good jump on production and use this time now at the end of the year to (hopefully) fund a successful Kickstarter campaign, produce everything, ship it all, and have it in your hands well before the arrival of the actual product. And they were built at a friendly scale to work well with other games in the meantime.

Also, you may have noticed this is "Part 1" - doing this now will also give us time to create more terrain for the upcoming "Part 2" and "Part 3," which backers will help be a major part in shaping.

Star Wars Legion Terrain - Kicktraq Mini
Star Wars Legion Terrain

Zombie Doctor - The Zombie Card Game

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Zombie Doctor is a fun and frantic card-turning game. Amputate, reattach and swap limbs in a desperate bid to stay alive. It's your turn not to turn!

The game is designed for 2-4 players (preferably 4), lasts for around 60 minutes and is suitable for ages 15+, due to the comic zombie gore.

It's small enough to fit in your pocket and is suitable to play at parties or if you have a spare hour with friends and family.

The game is easy to learn but the elements of luck and strategy will keep avid board gamers entertained and challenged.

Zombie Doctor - The Zombie Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

Balzie the cat :

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A card picking game; practice your telepathic, mind reading and poker face skills - all while tryin' to keep away Balzie's..

Balzie the cat : - Kicktraq Mini

YAKRONYMS - The Witty Wacky Word Game (w/Dice)

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Yakronyms is a fast and fun game where your wit and sense of humor arm you in creating hysterical phrases based on random letters.

What is Yakronyms?

Plain and simple, Yakronyms is an opportunity to be ridiculous with your friends. We’ve been part of many group game nights and wanted to bring something a bit louder, a lot more subjective, and totally personalized to the table. Yakronyms tests your wit and vocabulary like no other game before. Each round provides just 4 letters for you to create a phrase, a "Yakronym," in 60 short seconds. We think you’ll be surprised at what comes out of your mouth (more often than not.)

YAKRONYMS - The Witty Wacky Word Game (w/Dice) - Kicktraq Mini

Wreck and Ruin

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Challenge your friends and the wasteland itself in a post-apocalyptic battle for resources. Shoot, ram and wreck your way to victory!

Wreck and Ruin is a 2-4 player vehicle miniature combat game using elements of area control, resource management and a generous helping of vehicular violence, taking around 20 minutes per player. Create your own modular board from the selection of double-sided tiles, producing a new battlefield with every game. Play as one of the factions and drive your convoy out into the Wastes in search of fortune and glory. Occupy salvage tokens and successfully survive the next player's turn to score points and collect salvage. Played over 4-6 rounds, the player who collects the most salvage tokens by the end wins!

Wreck and Ruin - Kicktraq Mini

Panzer Orders Western Front

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Panzer Orders Western Front, a World War 2 card game. This is a stand alone game for solitaire and two-players and is fully compatible with the other Panzer Orders games and expansions.

The game is quick to setup and play, it takes around 30 minutes to play a game and comes complete with everything you need.

You can combine two copies of the game to make either larger or tank-vs-tank games for both solo or multiplayer games or combine this game with existing Panzer Orders games.

Panzer Orders Western Front - Kicktraq Mini

Endure the Stars 1.5

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The epic fully cooperative Sci Fi dungeon crawl for 1-6 players returns, graphically refined with exciting new mechanics!

Endure the Stars is a fully cooperative Sci Fi dungeon crawl for 1-6 players. Set aboard the planet colonising ship the N.W.E. Hikari, players take on the roles of the surviving crew in an epic struggle for their very lives.

Scientists aboard the ship genetically engineered new life forms to explore the planets below but a catastrophic event known as the Fall, saw the creatures escape from containment. Now they rampage through the ship, killing anyone they come across. Players assume the roles of the remaining crew, salvaging whatever you can to survive.

Endure the Stars 1.5 - Kicktraq Mini

Quirky Awesome Halloween Card Games

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October Is Here. So Are These Awesome Halloween-Themed Card Games. Boom!

Hello, everyone! If you're like me, Halloween is one of your favorite holidays of the year! With that in mind, I've created a few new Halloween-themed card games that are quick and easy to learn, yet incredibly, addictively, fun to play!

Quirky Awesome Halloween Card Games - Kicktraq Mini

Petition: a card game for fanatics

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Build up your followers, petition the gods, and lay waste to everyone different from you. It's imperialistic fun for the whole family!

Petition is a competitive card game for 2 to 6 players, with additional rules for a single-player mode.

In the game, each player builds a society to fortify their culture. When you're feeling uppity, send your most faithful servant to petition the gods, or defiantly act as a godless heathen, so that you can infiltrate your opponent's populous. The goal: convert your opponent's society to your religion, steal your opponent's economy, crush their military, and eradicate their culture.

This game has - strictly speaking - existed for as long as the human race has. But as a card game, it's been a homebrew for a year. We printed it on cardstock, and the playtesting with friends and at game conventions has been a blast. Now we're finally ready to take it to the next level so we can bring our game to the rest of the world's tabletop. With your help, Petition can have amazing art, an easy-to-follow tutorial video, and professional printing!

Petition: a card game for fanatics - Kicktraq Mini

Dice Arena - An Abstract Strategic Dice Game

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Dice Arena is a two player strategic dice game played on a square or hexagonal board. Each player starts out with 16 dice and their goal is to get as many of their dice as they can into the other player’s back row. This is done by moving dice forward/sideways/backwards, jumping over other dice, capturing enemy dice and playing action cards that give dice special abilities. Certain cards allow you to interact with your opponent in other ways, such as stealing one of their cards, or re-rolling one of their dice. The game also features a Rewards Track, which allows you to get things like extra cards and extra dice as you gain more and more points.

For more advanced users, the game offers 4 variants, which give the game a lot of replayability.

The idea for this game came to me in a dream (I am not even kidding). In my dream, I remember I was playing a game of chess, but with dice. After waking up, I almost dismissed the dream as complete nonsense. How can you play chess with dice? But I kept remembering this weird dream and eventually a new game started taking shape. The game went through a few iterations while play-testing with friends and it is now in its final form.

Dice Arena - An Abstract Strategic Dice Game - Kicktraq Mini

Beard Wars - The Card Game

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Have a beard? Know someone with a beard? Ever SEEN a beard? Then Beard Wars may be for you!

My name is Michael Murdock, and I am the illustrator/creator of this card game. Being an illustrator, I am always trying to find new ways in order to incorporate my skills. A few months ago, while playing card games with my family, I though to myself "Hey... I could do this." - So I figured I would give it a shot.
Beard Wars is the result.

The base Beard Wars game has two decks of cards. Each deck is the same, except for the backs (to differentiate the two).
Your goal is to collect as many "Beard Trophies" as possible before your deck runs out. To help you out, there are some modifier cards and modifier beards that will help you along the way.

Beard Wars - The Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

SUMMERTIME by Terrains4Games

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Our goal is to create the most incredible summertime wargaming scenery – hills with green, lightly sunburned grass, flowers and fruit trees and all the elements you can see when you think of summer out of town.n.

The Summertime terrains are universal – you can use them in historical, modern or fantasy battles.

They are dedicated to 28mm scale but many of them are also very well fit to 20mm (1/72) and even to 15mm (1/100) scale.

These Summertime terrains will be added to our deluxe terrain offer.

Some of the terrains will only be exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign – a special offer providing a wide variety of hills and forests

SUMMERTIME by Terrains4Games - Kicktraq Mini

ÉPOUVANTAILS : 28mm Figurines de jeux pour KINGS OF WAR

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This project aims to create 28mm figurines intended for the games of figurine such as "KINGS OF WAR", "9th AGE" or "WARHAMMER", short of the games says WARGAMES. We can easily find dwarves, men, orks and other salad eaters in various range of figurines but I was remarked that there was no scarecrow pack to be able to make an army easily.

In Mantic's KING OF WAR game, the scarecrows are an infantry unit of the Nightmares Army, of which there are no figures forcing the world to convert other figures. Now it will no longer be necessary!

I will create modular scarecrow figurines with 5 different bodies 10 different sets of weapons and 2 sets of 5 heads (a theme "pumpkin head" and a theme "head grain bag") each batch of 20 figurines will therefore comprise :

20 bodies (4 X 5 bodies)
20 sets of weapons (2 X 10 set including 1 standards)
40 heads (4 X 5 pumpkin head + 4 X 5 head grain bag)
This kickstarter aims to fund the molds of these scarecrows (very expensive molds) because I have good idea and hands of fairy, I have pockets empty (very empty pocket) so you feel like like me to see scarecrow invade the game tables help me. even 1 euro is always that.

A big thank you from me and a grimace of pumpkins!

ÉPOUVANTAILS : 28mm Figurines de jeux pour KINGS OF WAR - Kicktraq Mini

Sustina Saga

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Enter a bold new political fantasy. It is a world where magick has returned. Empires, long ascendant, have recently crumbled under their own weight and bureaucracy. The line between chaos and opportunity has become razor thin.

Power players big and small take advantage of the changing political winds, and the return of magick. Each of the continent’s factions create alliances, and break them just as easily. Deals and treaties made under the cover of intrigue result in the discovery of powerful secrets.

All of this occurs against the backdrop of a prophecy of doom. Will Aurantor’s multiple factions set aside their differences and prevent global catastrophe? Or will they instead continue their infighting and politicking? Meanwhile, how will the gears of state, trade, nation, and religion affect each individual player on the world stage?

How will magick, newly-restored to Aurantor, change the continent and its power dynamics? How will this magick change the continent’s inhabitants in body, mind, and soul?

Will magick be able to stand its own against the emerging consensus that the natural laws of the world can be observed, measured, and understood without the need to resort to mysticism?

Sustina Saga - Kicktraq Mini
Sustina Saga

Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War & TED 2nd Edition

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Aughmoore is in ruins. The evil could not be contained and its darkness has spread to every region of the world. Shattering villages and infecting all forms of life. There has never been a more dire need for Heroes. Everyone who remains must rise up, must unite, and must risk everything to preserve what little spirit remains.

Tiny Epic Defenders is a riveting small-box cooperative game and it's back with an all new edition featuring new art, new abilities, ITEMeeples® and more exciting gameplay than ever before!

Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War & TED 2nd Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Coma Ward: The Horror Board Game

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In Coma Ward, 2-6 players assume the roles of a group of amnesiacs who have just awoken from a coma. You know little about your character and even less about the abandoned hospital you occupy. Scattered throughout the hospital are clothes, tools, and other useful items. There are also unknown terrors waiting in the empty halls and undiscovered rooms.

Coma Ward: The Horror Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Kingsmen Chess- a new chess variant for all ages.

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Kingsmen Chess is a card-based variant on the classic game Chess. It's a fun, fast-paced, exciting strategy game by Triskelion Games.

Kingsmen Chess- a new chess variant for all ages. - Kicktraq Mini


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MODULAR DUNGEON is a brand-new construction kit to bring all your personal ideas of 3D dungeons to life. Due to its innovative design all wall elements have a three dimensional depth and are highly flexible. You may create spectacular dungeons, single rooms or just some wall / tile combinations. MODULAR DUNGEON is a low cost construction kit - so you can realise huge dungeon systems easily without spending a little fortune.


100+ Rappan Athuk Color Maps- JPEG, PSD for PFRPG, SW,& 5e

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Rappan Athuk, featuring over 100 of Frog God Games' new full color maps, made available as part of the upcoming fifth edition version of Rappan Athuk. These maps are 100% compatible with, and designed to enhance your enjoyment of, the existing Rappan Athuk Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder releases (and 5e, coming soon!). Several maps from the Rappan Athuk: Expansions supplement are also included! Hail, Rappan Athuk V!!!

100+ Rappan Athuk Color Maps- JPEG, PSD for PFRPG, SW,& 5e - Kicktraq Mini

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Hiya. Not exactly a Kickstarter but Crooked Dice are funding a new run of 7TV starter boxes using the moniker “DiceStarter”.

Starter box (16 figures, books, cards, counters etc.) and TWO “starter cast” themed boxes with 8 figures each – all for £60 due in January.

Cult of Games Member

Correction – no figures normally in the starter set, so the 16 figures ARE the two starter casts that you choose.


The last weeks starts and it’s an awesome Kickstarter with many stuff …..

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