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Armoured Clash


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Unboxing: Dystopian Industrial Set | Warcradle Scenics

2 months ago 3

We dive into an unboxing and review of the new Dystopian Industrial Set from Warcradle Scenics which is an awesome set of 6mm to 15mm scale terrain perfect for the likes of Armoured Clash (coming later this year), Legions Imperialis, BattleTech, Dropzone Command and more.

New Year, Old World! What Classic Warhammer Miniatures Will You Be Digging Out? #OTTWeekender

4 months ago 25

Warhammer: The Old World is coming sooner rather than later! Two big new armies for Bretonnia and Khemri are going to be launching this look back at classic Warhammer Fantasy Battles on the tabletop from Games Workshop.

New Dystopian Wars Pre-Orders For January 2024!


Warcradle Studios previewed the new pre-orders for January 2024! There are some great Dystopian Age kits combing to tabletops including some new fleets and that rather nice terrain that we looked at last month.

Full Spectrum Dominance! This Unmissable Epic Wargame Just Gets Better & Better! #OTTWeekender

5 months ago 82

It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we dive into the awesomeness that is Full Spectrum Dominance with its creator, Jack of The Lazy Forger. We get stuck into their stunning 6mm-15mm Sci-Fi miniatures which have recently expanded to four full factions.

Build A Dystopian Tabletop With Warcradle’s New 10mm Terrain


Warcradle Scenics have produced an awesome new set of 10mm terrain for you to use in your wargames and it's available to pre-order now! The Dystopian Industrial Set can be snapped up from Wayland Games and will be released early next year in January. 

Warcradle Studios Tease Armoured Clash Coming 2024


A small one but a morsel of information that should excite fans of the Dystopian Age. Armoured Clash looks to be coming next year in 2024 from the folks at Warcradle Studios. 

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