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Beard Wars - The Card Game

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Have a beard? Know someone with a beard? Ever SEEN a beard? Then Beard Wars may be for you!

My name is Michael Murdock, and I am the illustrator/creator of this card game. Being an illustrator, I am always trying to find new ways in order to incorporate my skills. A few months ago, while playing card games with my family, I though to myself "Hey... I could do this." - So I figured I would give it a shot.
Beard Wars is the result.

The base Beard Wars game has two decks of cards. Each deck is the same, except for the backs (to differentiate the two).
Your goal is to collect as many "Beard Trophies" as possible before your deck runs out. To help you out, there are some modifier cards and modifier beards that will help you along the way.

Beard Wars - The Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

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