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Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders

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The epic cross-time card game where Gods and Generals clash on the plains of Valhalla and in the Minotaur's Lair.

In Heroes of History, you are the general and Gods and Kings are awaiting your orders. Give Thor Mjolnir and hammer away at King Leonidas and his Spartan Warriors making a last stand for Greece. Or, turn the tables with Odysseus wielding Artemis's Bow and feed Norse kings to the Minotaur. Make the right moves, and be remembered for all time. Make the wrong moves, and become a footnote in history!

This is an expansion set for the original Heroes of History card game, featuring Midnight Riders (Revolutionary War) and Echoes of the Plains (Civil War). You do NOT need the first set to play Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders. The sets can be played together or separately.

Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders - Kicktraq Mini

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