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Lewt Ninja

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You have heard rumours of a mighty suit of armour awaiting those brave enough to penetrate the deepest depths of darkness in the dank deep dungeon of despair and doom. What they didn't mention was the the hideous monstrosities, the gruesome, horrible creatures you would have to brave, endure and overcome to reach your desired goal. And that is just your companions! Then there is the occupants of the dungeon to slay and loot as you move deeper in the depths of the dungeon, prepared to slay any and all monsters which stand before you, aware your companions have your back (and a dirty big target painted on it for the knife they are about to stab you with...).

Oh, and did I forget to mention? The armour you are looking for is in 8 pieces, collect all 8 by any means necessary to win the game. Loot pieces from the monsters you overcome, find pieces in loot piles and steal them from your friends (with friends like these who needs enemies. right?). And if you cant find enough pieces, just loot the place. How much loot do you need to win? All Of It!!!!!!!! Or at least as much as you can lay your grubby little mits upon!

How much Lewt would a looter loot if a looter could loot Lewt?
They would loot as much Lewt as a looter could whilst a looter CAN loot Lewt!

Get on and loot your Lewt now, only open for American Backers for reward, unfortunately, however, Grunt Games is a Veteran's business supporting a retired veteran and disabled artist, so even a small pledge with out reward would be appreciated and enable them to get the game produced, and hopefully onto shelves world wide.
From the Horses Mouth:-
"Grunt Games LLC is the recent startup game development company by Dewayne Cameron and is based out of Grovetown Georgia. A retired U.S. Army veteran and most recently a game designer who worked developing learning games and simulators for the U.S. military. . Founded in July of 2016 Grunt Games has been developing a table top card game which is to launch in the Fall of 2017. Lewt Ninja the title of the game was inspired by Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) looting system and the subcultural references to players who are known for taking items and gear from other players. In the game of Lewt Ninja 2 to 5 players can play as one of the five hero characters classes that come with the game. Each of the classes has special abilities that will help defend against or steal loot away from the other members of your group."

Lewt Ninja - Kicktraq Mini
Lewt Ninja

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