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POWERUP The 16bit Board Game

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POWERUP is a table top game for 1 to 5 players inspired by classic platform video games. Specifically the Run-And-Gun ones.

Remember how it felt to meet your best friend at the local arcade to play? We loved that feeling! And that’s why we decided to create this game. We want to bring you back to that place, and to be able share it with a younger generation as well.

You will be part of an elite squadron in charge of eliminating Earths’ biggest threat: The BUGS. The BUGS are creatures from an X Dimension who delight in annoying and tormenting humans crossing their path. Only a small elite group has the skills to stop them, and that’s you guys: The BUGBUSTERS! Run, shoot, punch, pummel, pick up coins and upgrade your character. Destroy the BUGs to win.

Do you like retro platform games? Did you own a Megadrive and watch Masters of the Universe? Were you one of the ones that scooped up coins other players had left behind? POWERUP is a game for you.

POWERUP The 16bit Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

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