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Push your Luck - The Casino Challenge Game

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Push Your Luck is a fun and exciting 'challenge' game for adults. It is based on a Casino, however you don't need to know anything about Casinos to enjoy this game and WIN!!

Push your Luck is a game of skill and tactics with a fair amount of luck thrown in.

There are two possible endings to the game – either be the last player standing, having successfully forced your fellow competitors out of the game by taking all their money, or be the first to have won £500,000.

The game involves the players all of the time, it is full of energy and creates rivalry, vendetta's and petulance - ALL IN THE NAME OF FUN. It brings out the worst in us all .......but in a great way. You can work out your own approach and find the SMART way to come out on top.

Push your Luck - The Casino Challenge Game - Kicktraq Mini

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