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Soul Of The Empire - Asymmetric Strategy & Combat

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54 AD - Rome stands at the height of its power with majestic buildings, robust infrastructure, and the world's mightiest army. Rome's Legions have vanquished her foes, and the Empire stands secure...or does it? Agrippina the Younger's deadly intrigues ensured Nero's rise to power, but can Nero hold the Empire together? Oppressed people all over the Empire yearn for their freedom. In particular, the Jews hunger for their independence and the chance to cleanse their homeland. Outside the Empire, a Coalition of Germanic Tribes, Goths, and Parthians will suffer no more Roman expansion. Sensing an opportunity, they begin to push back against Rome.

Meanwhile, small groups of Christians are challenging all kinds of religious and cultural norms. Each faction has unique objectives and their own asymmetric advantages to exploit. They simply need your skill and cunning to turn the tide of history in their battle for the Soul of the Empire!

Soul Of The Empire - Asymmetric Strategy & Combat - Kicktraq Mini

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