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Spoils Of Kadath Miniatures Game

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Spoils of Kadath is a miniatures game, playable in two modes: skirmish for two players (on a 90 x 90 board) or dungeon crawler for a group of 2/5 players. the average playing time is about 60 minutes.

In Spoils of Kadath each player deploys a band of reavers, wayfarers and mercenaries, hired by a guild to explore the ruin of a lost underworld city. The scenario establishes the winning conditions, the environmental rules and the deploying mode.

The fantasy-horror setting is inspired by the unspeakable horrors and the gloomy atmospheres of the Cthulhu mythos. In the belly of the unnamed city, creatures familiar to “the lord of the rings” aficionados (those who love Tolkien and role-playing games) as elves, orcs and dwarves will face the eldritch outlandish entities which haunted H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares.

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