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WatUR: Royal Game of UR, ModURnized

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The ancient two-player race game from the cradle of civilization gets upgraded with printed circuit board technology

WatUR is based on the Royal Game of Ur, a game that became popular in Mesopotamia in 2500 BCE. This version has been redesigned with new motifs from the ancient Sumerian culture of the original game. But instead of shell inlaid in a wooden board, the fish, turtles, mountain goats and stars are etched in copper on fiberglass. These symbols are all related to Enki, the Sumerian God of Water.

The boards are cut into the unique arrangement of twenty squares with computer controlled routers. Paired with custom molded black and white dice and melamine stones, the game of WatUR is a beautiful and durable game that will last a lifetime.

WatUR: Royal Game of UR, ModURnized - Kicktraq Mini

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