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This Week On Kickstarter

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Welcome! You are now able to follow along, as we pick out some great projects for you to check out throughout the week.

You’ll be able to keep up-to-date with the latest Kickstarters and comment on what we should be looking out for and of course, let us know what you make of the campaigns as they are added.

Follow along and let us know what you think…

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Monster Slaughter by Ankama Board Games

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As the head of a family of monsters, hunt down and slay insufferable college kids holed up in a cabin in the woods!

Flip the script on 1980s horror films with Monster Slaughter, a board game with miniatures! As the head of a family of monsters (werewolves, vampires, zombies, or golems), it’s your turn to hunt down and slay insufferable college kids holed up in a cabin in the woods. The hardest part? Deciding what order they should die… and then sticking with it!

Monster Slaughter by Ankama Board Games - Kicktraq Mini

Ultimate Wooden Solitaire Game Board

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Part game, part work of art- premium board games made from 100% exotic wood and semi-precious mineral marbles, handcrafted in the USA.

"We are Crooked Mill, based in Phoenix, Arizona and are a team of woodworkers that strive to make ultimate game boards using the finest woods and semi-precious mineral marbles. We didn't want to just make board games, we wanted to create works of art that can be displayed on your coffee table and appreciated when not in use.

We have been working on several game boards and have decided to pre-release these three on Kickstarter, with more to follow in our future projects."

Ultimate Wooden Solitaire Game Board - Kicktraq Mini

Chronicles of Frost

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Forge a Hero, shape a Realm, and create a Chronicle of deeds and felled enemies in a 45-minute deck-building adventure for 2-4 players.

Chronicles of Frost is a fast-paced deckbuiding game of exploration, questing, combat and character building. Enter Aestemyr, the world of Mistfall once again as a hero on a path to greatness. Build your character, shape the board, become a legend!

Chronicles of Frost - Kicktraq Mini

Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing)

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A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.

This Kickstarter is for the second printing of Folklore: The Affliction, an immersive dark fantasy cooperative adventure for 1-5 players. Your characters will grow and progress through a series of stories in their quest to rid the land of evil. Every story is broken into chapters, allowing players to control the length of each game session. Most chapters take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete, and almost assuredly spell doom for you would-be heroes.

Folklore: The Affliction (2nd Printing) - Kicktraq Mini

Fantasy Football Pitch Mat

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Fantasy Football Pitch Mat, comes to life from the passion for Fantasy Football miniature game.

"We want to give to all the players the opportunity to get the best from a game with their favourite clan, using fields studied to be aesthetically adapted to the race lore, to let the player immerse in the game, of course not forgetting efficiency and a rapid start up to the game. The Pitch and the Dugouts is made of a FABRIC layer on the upper side that can be washed, the bottom side is made of NEOPRENE. This way the product have a longer durability and can be folded or rolled up to bring it anywhere and then used very fast without ruin it. Fields will be aviable in both version, Fantasy Football Classic or New Fantasy Football, updated with greater quadrants."

Fantasy Football Pitch Mat - Kicktraq Mini

Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing Tabletop RPG

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Xenomorphs The Fall of Somerset Landing Tabletop RPG

A gritty universe of sci-fi survival horror, including the full core rules and a setting/adventure.

Dare to enter a gritty universe of sci-fi survival horror! A full standalone set containing the core rules for WOIN-powered science-fiction roleplaying games and the Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing setting/adventure sourcebook. The books are completed and ready to ship, so you'll get them right away!

Terror and monsters await in the depths of space...

Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing Tabletop RPG - Kicktraq Mini

Operators RPG

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Mission Impossible heists and Tom Clancy technothriller meets Bourne-style kinetic fight sequences in this all-new action RPG.

Operators is an RPG designed to tell cinematic action movies at the table. Whether you like challenge-based play in a Tom Clancian technothriller or the futuristic hijinks of Mission Impossible, Operators has you covered.

Operators RPG - Kicktraq Mini

Freak Circus!

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Welcome to the Freak Circus! Home to bizarre and weird characters done in 1/35th scale and cast in high quality resin.

A collection of bizarre and weird circus characters which were inspired amongst others by shows on television, old pictures seen in books and on the internet. I always had a fascination with these strange quirks of nature and thought it would be cool to do a range of them in miniature form.

The miniatures were sculpted by Radmir Achmentov. A very talented sculptor from Russia.

Freak Circus! - Kicktraq Mini
Freak Circus!

KAPOW! - A fast and furious Superhero dice building game

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Superhero or Supervillain? You decide in this buildable dice game. Each round, use your dice to attack, defend, or increase your power!

In the two player game KAPOW! you and your adversary go head to head in a classic comic book inspired clash of Good vs. Evil. Each game last 25-30mins and features buildable action dice.

KAPOW! - A fast and furious Superhero dice building game - Kicktraq Mini

Quantum Quest - Fantasy Dungeon Dive with Roguelike Elements

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A dungeon crawl that pits you against friends in a game that never plays the same way twice. Escape is hopeless. Survive while you can.

Quantum Quest is a standalone card game that challenges two or more players to put together teams of stalwart adventurers to outlast their opponents in a living dungeon. Electrifying spells, sinister traps and treacherous monsters stand in the way of survival, but things only grow more difficult when the heroes start acquiring chambers in the dungeon. Escape is futile; survive while you can!

Quantum Quest - Fantasy Dungeon Dive with Roguelike Elements - Kicktraq Mini

Brass Empire: New Canton Expansion + Original Reprint

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Build a corporate empire and play through an epic story-driven campaign in the 1st expansion to Brass Empire: A Steampunk Deckbuilder

New Canton is the first expansion to Brass Empire: a strategic deckbuilding card game of corporate espionage. The main game can be learned in just a few minutes, but has a tremendous amount of depth and different paths to victory. This expansion focuses on 5 different characters in an epic story of greed, corruption, love and tragedy.

Brass Empire: New Canton Expansion + Original Reprint - Kicktraq Mini

The Convergents - A Comic Themed Card Game

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A super powered comic themed battle card game about choosing a team and an objective to protect the city you love (or hate.)

The Convergents - A super powered comic themed battle card game about choosing a team and an objective to protect the city you love (or hate)! Competitive and co-operative game modes await the city's new heroes (and villains) for 2 Players, or...

Also introducing The Cosmic Threat, a 1-5 Player cooperative game format, with three distinct play modes: Autopilot, Hard Autopilot, and Piloted. The players will play cooperatively to take on the Giant Alien Ship that is trying to destroy Slab City.

Will the heroes and villains work well together to defend their city, or will they fail and allow the menace to destroy their home? You decide!

The Convergents - A Comic Themed Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game

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A fast and innovative game where you fight your ninja classmates using cards you can't see. Shuriken, smoke bombs, and candy help too!

Take the role of a ninja student during his final trial: An all-out battle with his classmates! Facing other young students, you are cocky and less aware of your own abilities. Players simulate this by facing their cards outward, so only their opponents can see them. This forces players to strategize and bluff in unique and entertaining ways.

Shadow Strike Melee: Ninja Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

5e Adventure - Ingen's Legacy

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Ingen's Legacy is an adventure module for a 5e fantasy roleplaying campaign that can be dropped into any existing setting.

Ingen’s Legacy is a 5e adventure written for a group of adventurers starting at 1st level, and allows them to advance through 3rd level as they progress through a semi-linear adventure broken down into three separate sections. This adventure is not designed to push the players through encounters in a specific order – rather, there is a certain degree of randomness and freedom in the availability that inevitably will bring the characters back to the main plot of the story.

The adventure was written to be run over the course of several 4-to-5 hour sessions, but can be tailored to run in whatever time is necessary. There is no timetable required to get everything completed in the real world, so that does not translate to the adventure either.

This adventure, all said and done, encompasses 50 pages of the book, with 9 pages being used for such things as the cover, the legalese pages, the appendices for maps, etc. The front and back cover are in full color, and the interior in greyscale pages with greyscale artwork and black and red text – red text is used primarily for DM-only text that can be read to the players if a DM wants to use our flavor text instead of coming up with their own.

5e Adventure - Ingen's Legacy - Kicktraq Mini
5e Adventure - Ingen's Legacy

Stumped: A Deck-building Game with Buildable Wooden Trees

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Combining the elegance of deck-building with four miniature wooden trees and some party flare, Stumped is the ultimate hybrid!

Stumped adds a huge twist to the traditional deck-building game: buildable miniature wooden trees. Your objective is simple: successfully grow a 10 leaf tree before your opponents do. But actually doing this can get a bit tricky, with a huge variety of 165 different cards, ranging from some downright nasty attack cards, to more growth-focused and defensive cards (scroll down to see all of them). Every game has a fresh set of challenges, opportunities, and strategies. You might try and truncate your trainee's tree, or you might just end up Stumped.

For 2-4 players (5-8 with two copies). 30-60 minutes. Ages 12+.

Stumped: A Deck-building Game with Buildable Wooden Trees - Kicktraq Mini

Neverending Wars Battletiles

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Is one battle not epic enough? These battletiles give you the possibility to string your played battles into one big campaign

Ever had the feeling that the battles you play with your friends or at the club aren't epic enough? That everyone talks about the victory only until the end of the evening and that's it? Well... I think I might just have the solution for all of you.

I designed Neverending Wars, a campaign tile system that makes every victory or loss count as one of many that together turn into ultimate victory or defeat! The Neverending Wars system is built up of blank MDF tiles, which you can dress the way you like. With the added optional ruleset, some tiles do nothing and some, called Conquer, faction and treasury tiles, make the difference not only in battle, but also in the way you look at the world and it's wise to look at what armies are on your side and which player will take the win or fall for that tile.

Neverending Wars Battletiles - Kicktraq Mini
Neverending Wars Battletiles

Laruna: Age of Kingdoms

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Earn the favor of the young gods through war, trade and worship in this competitive worker placement/miniature battle strategy game.

Age of Kingdoms is a worker placement/miniature battle and map control game for 2 to 6 players, set in the fantasy land of Laruna. Players assume the roles of powerful magic users who rule over one of the last remaining kingdoms of Laruna. They must manage their resources, field units and sling spells all in an effort to gain the favor of the young gods - their only hope for salvation.

Laruna: Age of Kingdoms - Kicktraq Mini

Samurai Vassal - The Card Game KS Commissions

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A fun and fast card game that mimics how samurais competed against each other by earning their daimyo’s trust in Feudal Japan.

Samurai Vassal - The Card Game KS Commissions - Kicktraq Mini
Samurai Vassal - The Card Game KS Commissions

Demons: The 9th Circle of Hell UNLEASHED!!!

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A card based, role playing, kingdom building, adventure game with dice. The best of everything all under one apocalyptic roof!

A high fantasy in-depth adventure for gamers and non-gamers alike. 1-8+ players best with 2-6. Playtime: Customizable -Standard game is 60-90 minutes otherwise.

50+ unique instances to explore, all with their own story and game dynamics. A real adventure in a box! Your adventure will include, but is not limited to: Angry Yeti’s, Fire Breathing Spider Kites (see Jorogumo, the Yokai from Japanese mythology), and a whole plethora of horribly gruesome ways to die.

Takes less than 5 minutes to set up and learn.

Demons: The 9th Circle of Hell UNLEASHED!!! - Kicktraq Mini


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The latest entry in the \\\"Key\\\" series, Keyper is a worker placement game with a medieval setting for 2-4 players.

Available for the first time in the US, Keyper is the first new medieval game in the \\\"Key\\\" series since the award-winning Keyflower. Keyper features special folding game boards, new mechanics, and hundreds of beautiful components.

Keyper has already been printed, and is ready to be delivered to backers in December! We\\\'re pleased to offer free shipping to US backers.

Keyper - Kicktraq Mini

StoryWorld: A world full of stories!

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Use your creativity and imagination to create funny, crazy and out of this world stories. Become part of StoryWorld!

StoryWorld: A world full of stories! - Kicktraq Mini

Kings of War: Vanguard - the fantasy skirmish wargame

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A 28mm tabletop fantasy skirmish game. Create a warband of elite fighters, develop their abilities and fight to the bitter end.

A skirmish variation of the hugely popular Kings of War has been something that gamers have been asking about for several years. However, we wanted to make sure we got the gameplay and the miniatures perfect!

This Kickstarter will allow us to delve deeper into the heroes and characters of Mantica, in which Kings of War is set, and will fund:

RULEBOOK – Kickstarter backers will receive a rulebook, containing core rules, background material, a range of varied scenarios and details for character progression in a campaign, along with starter warband lists for Mantic armies

FANTASY TERRAIN – new pre-assembled, plastic scenery related to the scenarios in the book

Kings of War: Vanguard - the fantasy skirmish wargame - Kicktraq Mini

Old School Miniatures presents the Alpine Dwarfs

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Many years ago the dwarfs realised that to fight the good fight they would have to emerge from their mountain holds. 28mm metal minis

The Dwarfs of Kragnor dwelt in their deep holds for thousands of years mining for gold and treasure. They seldom ventured out to the outside world.

Then 100 years ago a young dwarf - Yerrin was exploring outside on a snowy day and slipped while carrying a plank of wood and discovered the joy of speed. He landed on the plank which had split in two and flew down the mountainside. Something unknown by his fellow dwarfs. He thought about it for a short while and this time tied the planks to his feet. He had invented Skiing.

When he returned to the hold with tales of his downhill exploits the greybeards scoffed at his stupidity and called him Yerrin the mad. Yerrin was not one to easily give up and he persuaded some of the other young dwarfs to try 'skiing'. Before long among the young it became a popular pursuit.

Then 20 years ago the Chaos Dwarfs started to attack Yerrins hold and Yerrin led a group of intrepid dwarfs to climb the mountain behind the Chaos Dwarfs Deamon Cannon emplacement and they swept down the mountain at lightning speed and with their blunderbusses blasting destroyed all six of the Deamon battery.

From that day forth the Royal Dwarf Mountain Ski troops were formed and we present them here for addition to your army

Old School Miniatures presents the Alpine Dwarfs - Kicktraq Mini
Old School Miniatures presents the Alpine Dwarfs

Zucati Dice: Perfect Plastic™ Dice

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The most perfectly proportioned, best rolling plastic dice ever created. Enjoy the best role playing and table top gaming experience.

Zucati Dice: Perfect Plastic™ Dice - Kicktraq Mini

Dragons Conquer America Season 1: The Dawn of a New World

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Feathered serpents, dragons, magic and epic battles await you in this new RPG. Discover the New World and Change the Course of History!

Dragons Conquer America is a tabletop role playing game that grabs the best of our award-winning RPC Engine and it carries it back in time to a fantasy-imbued iteration of the 16th Century, a living, breathing world full of mythological beasts, powerful magic and, of course, dragons.

We want to create this New World hand in hand with you. In Dragons Conquer America, each book will affect the next through your actions. During the first Season, entitled The Dawn of a New World, you’ll be able to experience the first two Episodes of the setting.

Each one focuses on a different side of the epic clash between the Spanish and the Aztecs, and through them you’ll be able to rewrite history. The two campaigns contained in this book are full of action, intrigue, magic, and mystique.

Dragons Conquer America Season 1: The Dawn of a New World - Kicktraq Mini

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A story-driven board game experience with a continuing campaign. Try to reach a peaceful conclusion with your fellow adventurers.

The designer of the original Dale of Merchants series brings you Dawn of Peacemakers, a story-driven board game experience. Unfold the campaign and discover new and exciting twists and turns as you progress through the story!

Dawn of Peacemakers is the third game from Snowdale Design and it takes place in Daimyria, the world of animalfolks. You will take the role of an adventurer and have to trust and co-operate with your fellow players in order to reach a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides. - Kicktraq Mini

ENTROPIA, The card game

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Play as a young star attemping to form your planetary system. Line up your planets while annihilating the others.Universe it's chaotic.

What's inside? Outside there's a beautiful and elegant printed metal tin, that you can carry always with you, with style! 54 cards and full color game's manual. The cards will be 300 gsm professional quality card stock with blue core smooth finish (you can see in the pictures), but thru stretch goals i hope to upgrade them to 310 gsm linen for every backer. Inside, you will also find a QR Code that links to a video who explain how to play, without wasting time reading the game's manual!

ENTROPIA, The card game - Kicktraq Mini

Epic Legacy Core Rulebook - 5th Edition Beyond 20th Level

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The ultimate guide to Epic Level 5th Edition. Bring your characters and DM arsenal to new heights of power beyond 20th level!

The Epic Legacy Core Rulebook is a 5th Edition supplement which adds a powerful and tested Epic tier to the established levels of play, advancing the Character progression from levels 21 to 30. The Epic Legacy system provides all the tools Players and Dungeon Masters will need to bring your most epic games to life.

At the core of the project's design is the smooth playability that is the hallmark of 5th Edition. Building upon our work in the Epic Legacy Player's Guide, this book is a masterwork quality product from veteran designers at 2CGaming. More than that, it is a labor of love consisting of over two years of development, extensive testing and balancing, and a fantastic community that has helped us every step of the way. From cover to cover, this book is packed with epic features that help you take every element of your game to the next level.

Epic Legacy Core Rulebook - 5th Edition Beyond 20th Level - Kicktraq Mini

Random Coping Chess

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Add an element of storytelling and reverie to chess, making it accessible and engaging in new ways.

"We, the creators of Random Coping Chess, have a love-hate relationship with chess. Often, our egos get too wrapped up in the game, and a defeat in chess results in numbing belittlement of our person, our cunning, and our intelligence. However, we admire the genius of a game that has endured so many hundreds of lifetimes and has been adopted by so many cultures.

In creating Random Coping Chess, we have added an element of storytelling and chaos, allowing the game to come to life. Often the game plays out like a dramatic novel, with sudden twists and turns. Sometimes it seems as though the Random Coping deck has sentience, creating scenarios you never could have imagined for yourself.

We believe this makes chess more accessible. When a skill disparity would normally make a chess match blandly one-sided, a newbie can play a seasoned veteran in Random Coping Chess, and the game could go to either player. Instead of "Rook to B5", you'll hear people saying "My Petty Wizard boards the Cat Bus" or "I will use my Neck Romancer to sacrifice my pawn and revive your undead queen". This game is not designed for chess masters, but rather for anybody who loves games, stories, and adventure."

Random Coping Chess - Kicktraq Mini

Mystic-Realm's 3D Printable Pools, Bowls & Spouts Scenery

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Printable terrain collection for 28mm/15mm table top gaming. Featuring Pools, Bowls & Spouts designs for both RPG & Sci-fi settings!

We have a unique vision that will bring a more robust visual experience and expand the player interaction at the gaming table.

Currently many 3d printer terrain designers are making the needed basic foundation pieces such as doors, floors, walls and corners. We are thankful for their contributions and plan on advancing the tabletop experience.

This Water Feature Collection was created for our personal AD&D campaign. While designing a Dark Elf Cavern* deep in the Underdark we wanted a reason for our players to interact with the terrain. We came up with the idea of having a bunch of pool, spouts and bowls that have random magical effects. Drawing up a d20 water effect generator, characters that drink from the waters experience an effect for a short time.

Fantasy RPG: Its nice to be able to print terrain that will work with your Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder campaign that looks great and have an interaction effect! As stated above we have play tested random temporary effect for players that drink from the waters.

Drinking from the waters could cause the adventurer to instantly cluck like a chicken gaining +5 initiative on the next encounter or whistle a quick melody gaining +5 to next dexterity check or the water could restore d4 health. Not all waters offer a benefit some could require the adventurer to eat rations or suffer d4 damage. Great concept and adds great value for interaction with the terrain.

SiFi Gaming: Spacefinder! AVP! Star Wars! Warhammer 40K! Finally something different for SiFi gamers. Fly me to the nearest system and when we land we can lay siege on the hostile alien life forms. Of course they might be showing signs of agitation because we landed during the harvest season when they are collecting new offspring right from the viscus liquid pools. Scale the pieces larger to make super sized pools and increase the cover. Put your objectives in the middle of the terrain and let the strategy begin!

Fantasy Wargaming: Goblins look out! The Dwarves are coming home and bring the battle to the deep caverns they once called home. Its fun to fight in the open fields but this time we are fighting its all about navigating though a cavern.

You're going to love our HDx3D files: With the Mystic-Realm High Definition detail and creative designs all you need to do is print using the PLA color of your choice and set the piece into play. Take your piece to the next level by painting it! It's easy, in fact we have how to paint our terrain videos posted on our Youtube Channel and are going to post more videos showing pieces from this campaign. In the videos we will also show you how to add clear resin to give a nice depth to the pools of water. Customize even further by adding grass or sand or LED's!

Mystic-Realm's 3D Printable Pools, Bowls & Spouts Scenery - Kicktraq Mini

Metal 28mm Vampire team for Medieval Football

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A complete Vampire team in metal with 6 vamps 4 slaves 2 hybrids and a giant Bat-troll!

Created in white metal, pewter, miniatures recreated with all luxury of details.

Your help will be devoted to the creation of a master mold so that the reproduction in chain will be a viable way, will also be destined to the creation of a seal of my own.Maze Miniatures.

If the project sees the light would create another team in box with board with the same look of the first team, of course there will always be packs specially dedicated to our buyers. Likewise players will have an essential weight in which teams and boards are created.

Metal 28mm Vampire team for Medieval Football - Kicktraq Mini
Metal 28mm Vampire team for Medieval Football

HexT - 3D printable, RPG / Battlefield Modular Terrain Tiles

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The only 3D printable Modular Terrain tile system, slopes, grassland, streams & rocks. Potentially the most versitile system available

The HexT system of 3D Printable battlefield terrain tiles, allowing an immense variety of battlefields to be created including slopes, hills, streams lakes and cliffs.

All the files for the pledges, stretch goals and most of the add ons are ready to go so you will not have to wait months for your files, they will be sent out as soon as possible after the Kickstarter finishes, the stretch goals within two months.

The prototype tiles are purple and white (filament I had available) and once the terrain is completed (flock, static grass etc.) you cannot see the colour of the filament or any gradient lines.

The tiles are 75mm across the flats which works well across all common gaming scales, the tiles have been tested in Bolt Action, Age of Sigmar, 15mm Historical battles & In Her Majesties Name.

HexT - 3D printable, RPG / Battlefield Modular Terrain Tiles - Kicktraq Mini

The Enigma Box

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The biggest adventure of all time, from your front room. A challenge based on historical events and mysteries that will test your wits.

"We want to offer you a challenge and an experience based on historical events, full of enigmas and mysteries that will test your wits. This challenge is for adventurers, gamers, mystery seekers, puzzle-solvers and the curious minded who want to immerse themselves in the biggest collection of enigmas ever. Using the most advanced technology you will travel to incredible locations around the world without leaving your front room.

The Ultimate experience, from your front room. An adventure across time and into far off lands. Placing the most advanced technology and analyses of thousands of years worth of riddles into the palm of your hands. It's time to try new things!

More than 6000 minutes of challenging enigmas and interactive adventures. The goal is to decipher the mystery of 'Arcanum Arcanorum', the Secret of Secrets, the unique item that will change the destiny of humankind."

The Enigma Box - Kicktraq Mini

Sun Rush: Strategy Board Game

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Sun Rush is strategic, 2-4 player board game with a constantly evolving playing space. Block, bash, and blast your way to victory!

Sun Rush is a strategy board game that challenges players to take advantage of a constantly changing playing space. With the ability to maneuver and attack ships, deploy drone armadas, juggle heavy bombs, and build Action Point-buffing fleet formations, players will have a lot to consider on every turn they take.

Each player will begin by choosing a ship to represent them. Ships carry bombs by default, but a player can drop the bomb off to give themselves a little bit more maneuverability. Ships can move in any direction and can attack the ships of other players if they can get close enough.

Each player is in command of a drone armada that can be strategically positioned to block opponents or to build up extra Action Points to use on a future turn. You'll have a limited supply so deploy them carefully!

Sun Rush: Strategy Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Mischief Media: The Game of Fake News

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A social deduction, party game designed around the deceptive world of journalism and politics where players try to push their agenda.

Mischief Media: The Game of Fake News - Kicktraq Mini

The Shattered Shards 3D Printable Fantasy War Games Scenery

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Shattered Shards is a range of high fantasy scenery that you can 3D print from home or via a vendor to bring your war games to life!

Our terrain is also a good size and can help your games by not only helping to set a great atmosphere but they also can block LoS (line of sight) in your games to add a greater tactical edge and depth.

We had an idea of floating islands, powered by loose magicks that hover over the table. Perhaps these 'Shattered Shards' could be linked in some way? A bridge! No normal bridge but the architect of such a bridge could perhaps be a powerful necromancer who has fashioned his realm to suit his will. Fortifications and towers would inevitably follow.

The Shattered Shards 3D Printable Fantasy War Games Scenery - Kicktraq Mini

Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain made from high-quality polymers

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The coolest Ice Cavern 3-D Modular Gaming Terrain you can find anywhere. Hand made in the USA.

Ice Caverns are a hand made Dungeon Terrain accessory created using premium materials and then hand finished. I use the highest quality in clarity materials that I can get my hands on to make the best tiles I can. Ice Caverns are amazingly clear and wonderfully sculpted. It's time to take your gaming table to the next level.

Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain made from high-quality polymers - Kicktraq Mini
Ice Caverns : Gaming Terrain made from high-quality polymers

Board Game Bowls upgraded

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We're launching a larger bowl size and some sweet new artwork for Board Game Bowls.

"Last year over 300 amazing backers helped us bring Board Game Bowls to life and now we're back with some upgrades. We now have an extra large (XL) bowl to hold all those big component groups. As well as the new XL bowl we are upgrading our themes. We have partnered with Geovani Meroni to create some incredible geometric artwork - perfect for engraving."

Board Game Bowls upgraded - Kicktraq Mini

Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste

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Orc Dragons and Dwarf War-Eagles take the war to the skies in this game of aerial combat set in the world of Panzerfäuste.

elcome to The Land and the world of Spitfyre, our exciting game of aerial warfare in a fantasy world. Enter a world where Dwarves and Orcs fly giant creatures and arm them with bombs and machine guns to continue their millennia long struggles... Come fight in the skies of Spitfyre and see if you can reign supreme over The Land!

Spitfyre is a fun 'Historo-Fantasy' miniature aerial wargame in which 10mm scale miniatures are used to depict the everyday struggles of standard fantasy races such as Orcs and Dwarves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry.

Spitfyre: Aerial Combat in the skies of Panzerfäuste - Kicktraq Mini

Ironclad: Story driven space opera cooperative board game

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Space opera Co-op game for 1-3 players. Live the story of the battleship Ironclad and her crew of outlaw Heroes amidst a galactic war.

Ironclad's story-driven campaign puts you in the far future, in the midst of a cosmic Cold War between various galactic-spanning factions. The players are freelancers aboard the Ironclad, a powerful, battle-worn warship that defected from the Gaia Nova Federation Navy. The game's story unfolded by its narrative and fleshed out by Manos Lagouvardos' amazing art, is our love letter to space operas and sci fi movies, cartoons and comics of the 80s and early 90s.

In Ironclad, players collectively control the battleship and follow a campaign of 10+ scenarios, ensuring that their ship and her systems as well as her crew and its morale remain intact along their adventure. Each scenario will feature interesting decision points. The consequences of these choices will have benefits and/or repercussions within the current game as well as impact on future scenarios. With each passing scenario, the story unfolds according to the choices the players have made.

Ironclad is designed to provide players with a challenging game and a highly replayable campaign, with victory being far from assured. In order to emerge victorious, the players will need to customize their Hero roster and battleship according to the challenges they expect to face, as well as to cooperate in order to overcome the dangers ahead.

Ironclad: Story driven space opera cooperative board game - Kicktraq Mini

The City of Games 2018: A Board Game Convention In Bristol

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Join us for 3 days in the centre of Bristol where we’ll have lots of tables, events and hundreds of games to play!

The City of Games 2018: A Board Game Convention In Bristol - Kicktraq Mini

HAGGIS - The Fantasy Golf Miniatures Game

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HAGGIS is a casual "beer and pretzels" style miniatures game about playing golf in a high fantasy world. Players will: create heroes, hire caddies with various special abilities, acquire equipment and magical upgrades.

All in an effort to best other players and avoid monsters and hazards on a tabletop fantasy golf course of your design!

HAGGIS - The Fantasy Golf Miniatures Game - Kicktraq Mini


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Ravine is a strategic and cooperative survival card game. You and your friends survived the plane crash, but will you survive the night?

Work together to forage for food, craft a fire, and build shelters, but be wary: every step you take in the ravine could be one step closer to madness.

Ravine - Kicktraq Mini

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf

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Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is the Flick-able Golf Game! Flick your golf "ball" card over obstacles and toward the crater hole box.

Land your ball in the box in the fewest strokes possible. Reassemble the obstacles into the next hole and tee-off again. The winner is the player with the lowest score after nine holes!

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf - Kicktraq Mini

Direwild! A Cooperative Deckbuilding Dungeon Crawl

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Direwild is a 1-4 player game where player's assume the role of Animists, heroes that can summon forth creatures great and small to aide them in battle.

These heroes must band together and defeat minions across several lands in order to ultimately defeat a fallen member of their own order, Karn.

Direwild! A Cooperative Deckbuilding Dungeon Crawl - Kicktraq Mini

Debtzilla | Secret Identity Superhero Board Game

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Debtzilla is a 2 - 4 player, cooperative superhero board game that puts you in the nation of Banana Republic, where the incompetent and corrupt government has unleashed a wave of crime and lawlessness. You play as an ordinary citizen with a superhero secret identity, working with other superheroes to patrol the streets at night and battling villains.

Debtzilla awaits you and your team as the final boss at the end of the game and defeat him before he can destroy Banana Republic.

You and your team must learn to manage both your ordinary citizen and secret superhero identities well, in order for you to beat this challenging and addictive superhero boardgame.

Debtzilla | Secret Identity Superhero Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Dino Dude Ranch: Hatchlings Expansion & 2nd Edition Print

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Dino Dude Ranch: Hatchlings is an eggs-ellent expansion to your favorite family game. Hatchlings adds more decisions, more strategy, and more cuteness.

In Hatchlings, players now have the opportunity to buy eggs and hatch babies to pair with mama dinosaurs. These eggs introduce more considerations when spending resources and also introduce a little press-your-luck into our beloved game.

Hatchlings also introduces the Oviraptor, a new dinosaur who can only be lured to your ranch with unhatched eggs.

Dino Dude Ranch: Hatchlings Expansion & 2nd Edition Print - Kicktraq Mini

Loot The Body - An Adventure Card Game for Every Party

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In an age of roaming monsters, maniacal wizards, and tyrant kings, adventuring is one of the more stable forms of income if you can manage to stay alive.

Loot the Body is a semi-cooperative strategic card game. Players work together to survive the dungeon while fighting to acquire the largest treasure horde.

The best loot goes to the players who deal the most damage to monsters and quickly uncover treasures.

Loot The Body - An Adventure Card Game for Every Party - Kicktraq Mini

Kids on Bikes RPG - Strange Adventures in Small Towns

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Kids on Bikes is a Collaborative World Building RPG set in small towns with big mysteries. Written and created by celebrated game designers Jon Gilmour (Dead of Winter, Atari: Centipede/Missile Command/Asteroids) & Doug Levandowski (Gothic Doctor, Seven Minutes in Hell).

Kids on Bikes is a rules-light storytelling system that gets players into the action fast.

Kids on Bikes RPG - Strange Adventures in Small Towns - Kicktraq Mini

The Last Heroes: Fantasy Miniature Set

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After sprucing up his muddy rags and scraping goblin poop from his boots, OrcoNero is proudly debuting in society in the imperial palace of Lord Kickstarter. He is carrying with him thirteen 28 mm gut-wringing miniatures, forged in his coveted put-press-spit lab and fully customizable thanks to their multi-kit nature.

These miniatures are perfect for wargames, boardgames or as a bludgeoning weapon against the Elven Cavalry. According to our experts thanks to their high quality resin, they can even be painted.

Do you want only one? Do you want the whole set? No problem, OrcoNero stopped eating, kidnapping or bully Humans, he is now at your service with Stretch Goals and high-speed Internet connection.

The Last Heroes: Fantasy Miniature Set - Kicktraq Mini

Andrana Project: Playing Never Felt So Real

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Andrana Project is a social deduction game for groups of 4 to 12 players. It is set in 2067, a future where there are 2 opposing sides: The World Federation and The Neoluddites.

Andrana Project: Playing Never Felt So Real - Kicktraq Mini


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Sorcerer is a 2-4 player dark fantasy game from the creators of Star Realms.

This new character building game combines the best elements of a strategy card game and a tactical board game to create a whole new play experience!

SORCERER - Kicktraq Mini

Battle for Biternia - The Battle Arena Board Game

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Welcome to the land of Biternia, where you will ally yourself with your favorite heroes and form a courageous team to challenge your opponent on the battlefield!

This team-building strategy game masterfully captures the excitement, intensity, and competition of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) experience with its simple rules, adaptive and innovative gameplay, and beautiful artwork for an entirely new gaming experience.

Build your team from over a dozen heroes, each with their own unique skills and devastating combat abilities, to defeat your opponents!

Battle for Biternia - The Battle Arena Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Heroes of Darkwell, An RPG-Inspired Deck Building Game

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Heroes of Darkwell is an amazing, immersive gaming experience. Cooperate with your friends to defeat monsters and prevent them from reaching the village.

The popular deck building mechanic is used to carry the game, but it is so much more than a deck builder.

Heroes of Darkwell, An RPG-Inspired Deck Building Game - Kicktraq Mini

Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game

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Mountaineers is a 3-dimensional board game for 1 - 6 players. It is a strategy game requiring interesting game choices, and has mechanisms that include, area control, resource management, modular board design, pattern building, variable player-power...

And, if you hadn’t yet noticed, it’s an 18 inch (45cm) tall spinning board game with hundreds of mountain combinations and components! Could it become the world's tallest commercial board game?!?

Mountaineers - A 3D Board Game - Kicktraq Mini

Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition

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Monster Hunter International, the New York Times Bestselling action series is coming to the Savage Worlds roleplaying system!

Written by Larry Correia, Monster Hunter International is an urban fantasy series about professional monster hunters who battle against the things that go bump in the night!

As the slogan goes..."Cowboy up, and get paid."

Monster Hunter International RPG: Savage Worlds Edition - Kicktraq Mini

Galactic Warlords

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Become the most powerful warlord of the galaxy in this strategic game of tactical deployment and planetary battles for 1-4 players!

Galactic Warlords - Kicktraq Mini

Heroes vs Warlords

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Heroes vs Warlords is about the eternal struggle for supremacy on the Pangea world. Pangea is inhabited by tribes of clever Amazons, mighty Knights and wild brutal Barbarians.

The world of Pangea is unexplored. Vast lands where no civilized souls have ever been before is waiting for you. Are you up to the challenge?

Will your hero’s army gain new riches for your empire and crush the enemy hordes? Or will you succumb to the terror of the monsters that hide in various towers, ruins, and mines?

Heroes vs Warlords - Kicktraq Mini

Runes of Ragnarok - A Game of Dice, Combat, and Strategy

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Runes of Ragnarok is a dice-based elimination game steeped in Norse mythology.

Play as a god and wield awesome powers, summon epic allies to fight by your side, sling dynamic spells to change the tides of battle, and if you're lucky discover a legendary relic to take your game to the next level.

Runes of Ragnarok - A Game of Dice, Combat, and Strategy - Kicktraq Mini

Feeding Zombies - A Cooking Survival Game For 1-2 Players

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Feeding Zombies is a card-driven cooking survival game for 1 to 2 players ages 10 and up. A quick, but challenging filler game offering 3 different game modes.

You are a restaurant Chef facing a horde of Zombies invading your kitchen. To survive this apocalypse you will have to gather every bit of food you can get your hands on and throw it towards your opponent in order to attract the Zombies to her instead of you!

Make special menus and unleash more effective attacks, arm yourself in case the Zombies get too close and choose your strategy carefully.

Feeding Zombies - A Cooking Survival Game For 1-2 Players - Kicktraq Mini

Arcane Scrollworks: First Level Spell Scrolls

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Hand-finished prop scrolls suitable for framing or use in tabletop RPGs and LARPs.

Arcane Scrollworks: First Level Spell Scrolls - Kicktraq Mini
Arcane Scrollworks: First Level Spell Scrolls

Dragon Canyon

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Dragon Canyon is a light skirmish game of tricks and traps for 1-5 players in 30 minutes. Send your tribe’s finest to gather riches – or take them by force. Summon mighty dragons and race to claim victory for your clan.

This Kickstarter campaign brings Dragon Canyon to an international audience with stretch goals including additional heroes, dragons and locations – as well as unique spirit dinosaurs for each tribe.

Dragon Canyon - Kicktraq Mini

Anklebiters - Pixies VS Gremlins

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What's Anklebiters all about? Anklebiters - Pixies vs Gremlins (PvG) is a stand alone but expandable deck dueling game. Players command their choice of diminutive fantastical warriors and battle each other for control over sacred runes.

Through mischief or madness, using machines or magic, these tiny terrors are ready to step up (or several steps up) to gain your allegiance.

For too long the peril of the small has lived in shadow of the tall. So now's the time to answer the call and do what backers like you already do best -- help out the little guys!

Anklebiters - Pixies VS Gremlins - Kicktraq Mini

Adorable Monsters!

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A Super Fun Cute Little Addictive Card Game

Adorable Monsters! - Kicktraq Mini

Shanty Town The Kickstarter Project

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Shanty Towns, the place of conflict. Shanty towns are not in one location, they can be found around the globe on each of the continents. Miniature Building Authority is bringing these locations to your tabletop gaming environment.

Now you can have the barrio where the cartel thugs are hiding and the special operators have to go in and root them out. This is not just a set of buildings.

This is more of a system with lots of accessories with the buildings to make the scenery pop off your table and bring your games to life. These will be 28mm products.

Shanty Town The Kickstarter Project - Kicktraq Mini

HeroTec - Customize Supergear For Tomorrow's Superheroes!

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Welcome to HeroTec, an engineering firm that builds custom equipment for superheroes. You and your lab-mates will sift through a common stockpile of resources and plans, building items in your workshops.

Your benefactor requires four types of items: a gadget, a costume, a vehicle, and a lair. Players will race to be the first to complete the job, while also trying to build the best tech.

HeroTec - Customize Supergear For Tomorrow's Superheroes! - Kicktraq Mini

Solaris Sci-Fi Solar System RPG Audio Package

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Ninth Planet Audio is a new brand for table top audio. We specialise in SciFi audio for your table top games and are excited to bring this project to life with you.

Our first product, "Solaris" will take you on a 14 hour audio tour around a hypothetical solar system in your table top SciFi roleplaying universe. The game master can tailor adventures around the soundscapes, or they can use them as needed to support other adventures already in progress.

We know you will enjoy these awesome sounds as they bring your universes to life.

Solaris Sci-Fi Solar System RPG Audio Package - Kicktraq Mini

THE TRAVELER DICE TOWER - Custom Options + Storage!

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With over two years of design tweaks, we are super pumped to finally bring our Remastered Traveler Dice Tower to Kickstarter!

Like all Dog Might products, the Traveler Dice Tower was born from prototyping, community feedback, and the marriage of design and utility.

THE TRAVELER DICE TOWER - Custom Options + Storage! - Kicktraq Mini

Queen Games - Mini Expansions & Upgrades

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Queen Games has a long history of producing Mini Expansions, which we call “Queenies,” for most of our games. These Queenies add options, replayability, and variability to our games.

Queenies are sold at fairs all around the world and through Kickstarter campaigns alongside the games that they are expansions for.

Still, there are many people who play our games who are not attending any fairs or have missed a particular Kickstarter. If you are one of them, or someone who is discovering our new games for the first time, this Kickstarter is for you!

Queen Games - Mini Expansions & Upgrades - Kicktraq Mini
Queen Games - Mini Expansions & Upgrades

Worlds Unknown: Heirs of Dolvwenned

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Wolf and Tiger Games is a company founded by two friends to create fun games using our experience from our years playing tabletop games of all kinds.

We as a company are dedicated to creating new and exciting journeys for players to enjoy again and again. After significant playtesting, we created Worlds Unknown and have brought it to a point where it is now playable.

Worlds Unknown is a tabletop role-playing game that lets you play as a lineage of heroes rather than playing as a single character for the entirety of your campaign.

You start by creating a character and taking them on adventures letting them grow in power. When characters grow old or finish their adventuring, they pass on their powers to a successor through a power called the mark. The mark is a power that was granted to them by the gods of the world, known as Dolevs.

Worlds Unknown: Heirs of Dolvwenned - Kicktraq Mini
Worlds Unknown: Heirs of Dolvwenned

Scenic Flock & Basing Materials

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Interesting blends of foam and static grass flocking material for tabletop gaming.

Scenic Flock & Basing Materials - Kicktraq Mini

Holmes & Moriarty

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A card drafting game of deduction and wits for 2 players. It's Sherlock Holmes versus Professor Moriarty. Who will win?

Holmes & Moriarty - Kicktraq Mini

Exeter: Starship Map Poster & Miniature

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24x36 inch double-sided deckplan poster & matching resin miniature - a high-tech interceptor for your science-fiction / space RPG.

Exeter: Starship Map Poster & Miniature - Kicktraq Mini

MasterSweets: The Card Game

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We are pleased to present you the most delicious card game. No matter whether you are a chef or do not know how to switch on the oven, be ready to enjoy the "Master Sweets" game. You need 3 eggs, 1 glass of sugar, butter, ...

Nope, you need а few minutes for the rules, 15-30 minutes to play and a great sweets mood. And yes, no need to clean up the kitchen after that.

MasterSweets: The Card Game - Kicktraq Mini

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Can I suggest you look at Spitfyre, Battle of Britain but with Dragons?

It launched at 19.40pm, which made me smile 🙂


The time of legends Joan of arc kickstart is coming to the end.
They just added an amazing medieval apocalypse expansion with some unique and amazing sculpts.

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Have you noticed this one guys?

Horror deck building game by an old friend of mine.


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