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Designer’s Studio: Eric Lang


Back in 2017 at Gen Con, I had the pleasure to sit down with Eric Lang from CMON to discuss how he started in gaming and game development.

Designer Studio: Richard Clarke From Too Fat Lardies


It’s time to sit back and get to know Richard Clarke from Too Fat Lardies.

Designer’s Studio: Michael Shinall


In this episode of Designer’s Studio we sit down for a quick interview with Michael Shinall of CMON fame.

Designer’s Studio: John Paul Brisigotti


We sit down for another interview
with one of the big names from
the tabletop industry. Our next
chat is with John Paul

The Designer’s Studio With Andy Chambers


We’re back with a visit to the Designer’s
Studio. It has been a while but we’ve
found some time to sit down with one
of the big names in the tabletop
gaming world, Andy Chambers…

Megacon Games MERCS & Myth XLBS Interview!


Backstagers can now enjoy an extended interview with the Megacon crew as we talk more about the future of both MERCS and Myth. Some awesome snippets of information for both of these games so don’t miss out!

Megacon Games MERCS & Myth Interview!


We’re sitting down for a chat with the guys behind
Megacon Games who have created such
games as the awesome MERCS and of
course Myth! If you ever wanted to
find out more about these games then
you don’t want to miss this!

More coming in an extended
Backstage interview too!

Designer’s Studio: David Esbrí of Carnevale


We’re back with another
episode of the Designer’s
Studio and we’resitting down
with DavidEsbri, the
mastermind behind
the fantastic cinematic
skirmish game

Designer’s Studio: John Stallard Of Warlord Games


Warren has sat down with John Stallard, one of the
titans of the wargaming world, for a chat about
his history and how he got started in the industry
before heading out on the path to create
the games he has today.

Designer’s Studio: West Wind Productions


Warren joins Andy Cooper from West Wind
Productions to have a chat about how
the mastermind behind Empire of the
Dead got his start in the
world of wargaming.

Designer’s Studio: Jake Thornton Part 2


Join Warren once again as he chats with one of
our favorite game designers, Jake Thornton.
In part two we discuss his time at Mantic
Games and get up to date with what
he’s working on!

Designer’s Studio: Jake Thornton Part 1


On our last little trip over to Nottingham Warren stopped
off with Jake Thornton for a Designers Studio session.
In part one of the interview we get to see how it all
started for Jake and the road through
Games Workshop.

Warren’s Nottingham Road Trip: D&D Collectors Series Designer Interview Two


Time for another look at what Warren got up to during
his last trip up to Nottingham. This time we get a look
behind the scenes at the dynamic back drops for all
the box art of the D&D Collectors Series.

Warren’s Nottingham Road Trip: D&D Collectors Series Designer Interview


Time for the next installment of Warren’s
Nottingham road trip. This time our
fearless leader has stopped off at
Battlefront to have a word with Matt
Parks the Lead Designer of the D&D
Collectors Series.

The Designer’s Studio: Talking Relics With Gav Moorcroft of Tor Gaming Part 2


Warren is back for part two of this Designer’s
tudio with Gav Moorcroft. The guys continue
discussing their thoughts on the industry
and have a general chinwag on what
they love about our wonderful hobby.

The Designer’s Studio: Talking Relics With Gav Moorcroft of Tor Gaming Part 1


Warren is joined by game designer Gav Moorcroft
from Tor Gaming to get an insight into the
history behind Gav’s love of gaming and how
he got his break in the industry.
Sorry guys video has been fixed!

Designer’s Studio: James M. Hewitt (DreadBall) Part 2


Warren brings James M. Hewitt of DreadBall fame back into the Designers studio for another chat about wargaming, board gaming and everything in between!

Designer’s Studio: Alessio Cavatore (LOKA)


Warren sits down with yet another legend from the wargaming world in the Designer’s Studio. This time he chats with Alessio Cavatore about his start in gaming, his time in the industry, and his latest creation to hit
Kickstarter, LOKA.

Designer’s Studio: Ronnie Renton (Mantic Games)


Another week is coming to an end, but before we all gear
up for some gaming this weekend we had Ronnie Renton
in the Designer’s Studio for a chat about what got him
into gaming. We also look into his industry history and
of course what the future holds for the gaming
industry as a whole.

Designer’s Studio: Rick Priestley (Gates of Antares)


Warren sits down for a chat with Rick Priestley,
one of the titans of the wargaming world,
and talks about game design, his incredible
history, and what got him into this quirky
hobby that we love so much.

The Designer’s Studio: James M. Hewitt (DreadBall) Part 1


As you may have seen a little while ago we had James over from Mantic to chat about DreadBall, but we all know Warren likes to go in-depth when we have people over to make videos and so he set aside a little time to chat about what got James in to gaming and more importantly what
his thoughts are on designing games, and the odd
little pointer to all you budding games designers out there.