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Dungeon Saga: What New Adventures Are Coming Next?


With our adventures spent they retire to the tavern to talk of what awaits Dungeon Saga and Mantic in the future. We’ll be talking about new models and adventures as well as showing off some of the painted miniatures you can expect to see…

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Adventure #2 – Into The Depths…


Warren is in the mood for another adventure in Dungeon Saga this weekend so he grabs Justin and Rich from Mantic Games and tells another tale.

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Adventure #1 – Well Met…


With both pairs of heroes now making it deeper
into the dungeon it’s time for them to meet up
and continue their story in Dungeon
Saga from Mantic Games.

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Journey From The East!


We’ve only met two of our heroes so far and this second adventure in Dungeon Saga by Mantic Games calls on the arcane forces of the Mage (Warren) and the ranged prowess of the Elven Ranger (Justin).

Dungeon Saga: Let’s Play Journey From The West


It’s now time to get our delve on with Dungeon Saga this weekend. Warren and Justin are taking on the roles of the Human Barbarian and Dwarf Fighter while Rich from Mantic controls the undead legions as the evil Overlord.

Dungeon Saga: Unboxing The Dungeon Delve!


Welcome to the Dungeon Saga Weekend!
Join us as we kick things off by cracking
open the big box so we can get to grips
with the contents and chat with Rich from
Mantic Games about the potential
for adventure within.