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Surviving Eden Battle Report – ISC vs Matriarchy


This will be a no hold back game and I'll be playing the amazing Matriarchy, whereas Fréd will be playing alongside the mechanical robots of the ISC.

Surviving EDEN: The Wasteland Chainsaw Massacre


It's time for more tips & tricks for the world of EDEN. We've got a special weapon up our sleeves...hint, it makes a buzzing sound and looks like a chainsaw.

Surviving EDEN XLBS: Battering The Bikers


We may have gotten a little over zealous in the frontstage show with tiny Lamas and her devastating chainsaw. Let's find out how to counter her!

Surviving Eden: Fighting The Matriarchy


Today we've decided to change things up a little and re-configure our factions. The Jokers are facing off against the fearsome Matriarchy.

Surviving Eden XLBS: Overthrowing The Matriarchy


As you witnessed the Matricarhy are quite the nasty bunch and a force to be reckoned with.

Surviving EDEN: ISC Robot Tactics


The Dante's Angels faction is ready to grind down whatever army Fred has to throw at me! Unfortunately he is fielding the ISC Robots - I'm going to need some help!

Surviving Eden: XLBS – Countering the ISC Assault


As Lloyd is a huge fan of the ISC, I plan to get a head start and find out how to counter and possibly defeat these nasties before he gets his hands on them!

Surviving Eden: How To Play – Basic Mechanics


This week we'll be discussing the basic movement mechanics within Eden where we get a little too carried away and have too much fun with our mission in the process.

Surviving Eden: XLBS – Advanced Tactics


Welcome to the Backstage episode of Surviving EDEN. We discussed the basic mechanics for Eden in the front stage show, but for now we're diving into the advanced tactics.

Surviving EDEN: Welcome to the World of EDEN


Hey guys, I welcome you to join us for a thrilling new mini series; Surviving Eden.

Surviving EDEN: XLBS – The Future of EDEN


Welcome to the Backstage episode of Surviving EDEN. In this show we're discussing the future of EDEN and what's planned for the growth of the game.

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