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Destructir’s 35pt Khador List


Destructir has sent us a nice spammy Kahdor list... will this be the first list to go unchanged?

Our Thoughts After Our First 6th Edition Warhammer 40K Tournament


The guys have been to their first Warhammer 40K tournament, following the switch to 6th Edition. Find out how they got on and their thoughts on the new dynamics in 40K.

Slygess Warmachine Merc List


We've been sent a cool Mercs army list for Warmachine, but does Andy think he can make any improvements?

ShadowFighter88’s 35pt Kara Sloane List for Warmachine


ShadowFighter88 has sent us an interesting Cygnar list based around Kara Sloane for Warmachine. Andy takes a look, but will he be able to improve this awesome blue gun-line?

Advice for DecepticonAndy on a Salamanders Biker List


One of our viewers has asked Darrell what he thinks about Salamander Space Marines on bikes. Not only does Darrell have an opinion (when does he not!), but he's knocked together some list building advice.

Help Me Build my Imperial Guard List!


The guys answer a message from a fan asking them to help build his Imperial Guard army list... they have a list of his collection... but what will they come up with?

2000pt Necron List… But is it just Scarab Farm?


We've received a cool Necron list, that bears a startling similarity to that old favourite... Scarab Farm! What will the guys think. Does this build still have the chops for 6th Edition 40K?

Upgrading Your Orks Army to 40K 6th Edition


We've been sent an old Ork list with a request for advice on updating to 6th edition.

Khrystan’s 1850pt Eldar List for Warhammer 40K


Darrell & Andy have been sent a list from an old friend (and opponent) Khrystan... what will they think of his proposed Eldar Force?

New 1850pt Chaos Space Marines List for Warhammer 40K


Andy and Darrell have been sent another list for Chaos Space Marines... but will it set there world on fire?

1850pt Crimson Fists Army List


The guys take a look at one of the often overlooked characters in the Space Marine codex... Pedro Kantor. As they dissect a fan submitted army list of Sternguard.

1850pt Salamander Ironclad Assault Army List


Check out this Salamanders Army list we've been working on. It's spammy and it's Salamander Space Marines... but it's got lots of Dreadnaughts!

1850pt Grey Knights Army List… Now with Added Inquisitors!


Those cheap Inquisitors seem to be very popular as HQ choices at the moment... but what do the guys think of a list based on the silver-clad saviours of the Imperium.

6th Edition 40K Enlisted: Darrell’s New Space Wolf List!


To kick off our new series of Enlisted, Darrell is offering up his first draft of his new tournament Space Wolf list for Warhammer 40K.

The New Season of Enlisted… Send Us Your Lists!


The new season of Enlisted videos is due to be launched soon... we have our own lists... but we want yours too!

Chaos Space Marines: 1500pt Black Legion Starter Army


Andy has created a starter army for budding Chaos Marine players. He's gone with Black Legion, to leave room for you guys to tweak the list. But was that the right choice?

Can We Ally With Tau to Make Them Better?


Darrell & Andy have been challenged to make a Warhammer 40K 6th Edition allied army list that can help the Tau get back in the game.

Live Rounds: The Armies, Have Your Say!


Andy and Darrell reveal their initial thoughts on the army lists they will play on this Friday's Live Rounds show.

Let’s Build a Chaos Cultist Army Using 6th Edition Rules!


Darrell and Andy try to build a Chaos Cultist army list using the brand new Allies rules from the 6th Edition Warhammer 40K rulebook... and it looks like they came to an uneasy alliance when it came to choosing models!

500pt Russian Tank Aces List for Flames of War


If you fancy starting a Russian force for Flames of War, Matt gives us an idea of a cool 500pt Tank Aces list to get you going.

Matt’s Tournament Army List for Flames of War


Matt is a seasoned Flames of War tournament player, so it would be silly not to get him to reveal some of his secrets to our Backstagers.... here's his current army list...

Jim Diver’s 1850pt Space Wolf Army List… Will Darrell be Impressed?


Darrell loves his Space Wolves and has poured over the book mining and squeezing as much cheese as he can from those sticky pages.

Andy’s 1850pt Dark Eldar Wytch Swarm List


We've been challenged to create a Dark Eldar list that might just be able to cut it in the competitive scene, without resorting to the usual Venom Spam or Hellion Swarm... can the guys do it?

Grey Knights 1850pt List by Benjamin Dover


Andy and Darrell get there hands on a Grey Knights list sent in by (the dubiously named) Benjamin Dover... but what will they think of it?

1750pts Patton Themed Army List for Flames of War


Matt and Andy put together a 1750pt US army list for Flames of War starring Ol' Blood & Guts himself... George Patton!

Army List: Stormraven themed List | Seven Days of Sanguinius


2000 point list using the Stormraven skimmer!

Army List: Tournament Army | Seven Days of Sanguinius


The Guys talk about what sort of Blood Angel army.

Army List: Deep Striking Army | Seven Days of Sanguinius


The guys look over another themed Army List, Based on deep striking.

Army List: Dreadnought Themed Army | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell talk over a Dreadnought themed list for Blood Angels

Army List: Death Company List | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell talk over a Death Company Themed 2000pt List

Army List: Assault Army | Seven Days of Sanguinius


Warren and Darrell roll out another themed army

The Guys Make a Cheap 1850pt Ork Army for Warhammer 40K


Darrell and Andy have been asked to build a small/cheap starter army for Ork's in Warhammer 40K.

1500pt German Starter Army for Flames of War


Video Sponsors: Infinity - Dark Age Matt and Andy discuss a simple list to get you started with Flames of War Germans. Heres What you'll need to build Matt's 1500 point German Starter Army: Company HQ: x2 Panther G Tanks […]

Matt’s 500pt German Tank Aces List for Flames of War


Matt gives us the inside story on the Flames of War Tank Aces list he uses to punish his opponents at Battle Front.

Sigmar 13’s White Scar Army


Sigmar13 has sent us a biker themed White Scars army. What criticisms will Darrell have of this Space Marine force?

Brush4Hire’s Warmachine Retribution List


Brush4Hire has sent us in a 35pt Retribution army list for Warmachine, what will Andy & darrell think of it?

35pt Cygnar list from Dais


Andy & Darrell discuss a 35pt Victoria Haley list from BoW regular Dais... this guy is good... will he live up to his reputation.

25pts Khador List from Declan Lowry


Declan has submitted another Warmachine list for us to peruse... what will the guys think of his new Khador army?

35pt Cygnar List by Dac Farran


Dac Farran has sent in a cool 35pt Cygnar army list... but what will the guys think of it?

Expanding the Warmachine 2 Player Starter Box: Menoth


Darrell and Andy take a look at the choices you could make when expanding your Warmachine collection... today they take a look at the Protectorate of Menoth faction.

Expanding the Warmachine 2 Player Starter Box: Khador


Andy & Darrell take a look at some of the choices you have for expanding your 2-player Warmachine Starter Set... today they take a look at Khador.

Tinracer’s 2400pts Vampire Counts Army List


Forum regular and friend of the show, Tinracer throws his hat into the Enlisted ring with a 2400pt army list for the new Vampire Counts... will it be too fluffy for Darrell?

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