Beasts Of War Salute 2013 Scavenger Hunt!

April 18, 2013 by brennon

Salute 2013 is nearly upon us (Saturday 20th April) and of course we're going to be there showing you the ins and outs of this great event. But we also have a challenge for you!

Beasts of War Salute 2013 Scavenger Hunt

During the event we want you to take pictures and upload them to our Facebook page showing yourself doing something or everything from the list below.

  • Find and take a photo of the Golden Beasties

You might remember a while back we have out some special prizes called the Golden Beasties and now they have got loose and are hidden somewhere at Salute. There are six of them in total and hopefully you'll be able to find them dotted around the stalls and gaming tables!

Ben and the 6 Beasties to find!

Each find will help towards your total but if you can't find them all you can boost your score by undertaking some of our other challenges.

  • Invade a Historical/Fantasy Game with a Sci-Fi Miniature (or vice versa!)
  • Show Ben Your Dwarves!
  • Photobomb a Beasts of War video
  • Find a Merciless Ming-A-Like
  • Make Your Own Beasts of War sign (I Love Beasts of War/Beasts of War is the Best etc) and photograph it stashed somewhere at Salute
  • Pants out Pic! (Essentially photograph yourself at the event with your pants on-top of your trousers Superman style!)

To share your album of Salute Scavenger Hunt pictures simply follow these steps:-

1) Create a new album on your personal Facebook Page

2) Upload your pictures

3) Click 'get link' on the album and copy and paste it onto our Beasts of War Facebook Page.

Hopefully you'll all have a lot of fun with this and we can't wait to see what you guys come up with picture wise. Just remember to be careful of course!

If you manage to find a bunch of the Golden Beasties and take on some of our other challenges then you can net yourself a massive Dreamforge Games prize!

The closing date for getting your album together and linking it over to our Facebook page is Thursday 25th of April 2013. This gives those of you without the ability to upload there and then a bit of time!

We'll see you at Salute!

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