Ex illis fully integrated ECONOMIC SYSTEM is out!

December 14, 2010 by lloyd

The Ex illis gang have added something new to their system, an ECONOMIC SYSTEM!

So what the heck is it, well it's your army's economy, the gold you have, the sort of weapons and magic potions etc. you have found or won. The more you play the game the more of this sort of stuff you will gather up and the ECONOMIC SYSTEM allows you to use it to upgrade units and the like.


If your interested here's the page to visit http://ex-illis.com/wikien/Economic_System it has a load of information about:

  • Gaining Loot
  • Items
  • Magic properties
  • Unique items
  • Equipping items
  • Point System
  • Named Characters
  • Estate
  • Baggage Train
  • Shop
  • Guild Hall
  • Tavern
  • Envoy's Tent
  • Training Ground
  • Lombard
  • Forge
  • Den
  • and a Witch Hut (Coming Soon)


Yeah that's allot! If your into empire building then this could be very cool. Yet again Ex illis bring us something new to play with and it will be interesting to see what the comunity thinks of it.

BoW Lloyd.

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