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Weekender: GW’s Community Commitment & What’s Inside The Terrain Crate?


Learn More About The Miniatures Of FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG


Learn about the miniatures of FAITH by Burning Games, currently on Kickstarter & Grab a Backstager Only Short Story Download!

Community Spotlight: Vikings Raiders, Tank Commander & Alien Troopers


We’re indulging our Historical love of the moment and looking at some epic Sci-Fi work too!

Weekender: Printable Scenery Interview – The Future Of Terrain Building?


Burning Games See If You Have What It Takes For FAITH: A Garden In Hell


Burning Games have hit Kickstarter with their campaign to fund both a RPG Set and a first story for you to explore. Do you think you’re going to have what it takes to survive in FAITH: A Garden In Hell?

The Night Of The Titans: A FAITH Short Story


Experience the backstory of FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG in this Backstager exclusive story by E. G. Quinzel.

The Development Of FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG


Burning Games, the guys behind Faith: the Sci-Fi RPG, have taken the time to give us the low down on the development process behind Faith. Keep your eyes open for a piece of exclusive artwork!

Interview: Burning Games – Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG


A new Sci-Fi RPG has been making a splash on
Kickstarter recently with its bold move away
from the traditional forms of pen and paper
role playing. I am of course talking about Faith
and I recently got to have a chat with one of
the game’s developers, Carlos Gomez Quintana,
about what we can expect to see in this
new game.

Sci-Fi RPG Faith Does Away with Pen and Paper!


A new scifi RPG has appeared on Kickstarter with an interesting gameplay mechanic that does away with the traditional focus on pen, paper and dice.