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April 14, 2017 by crew

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FAITH: The Sci-Fi RPG is closing in on its final week or so on Kickstarter right now and Burning Games have come on board to tell us a bit more about the characters that are coming to life as part of their campaign in miniatures form.

FAITH Core Book & Miniatures

We take a look at the three new characters that were added into the mix for this campaign and get to know more about their background.


Vash'uh belongs to the Iz'kal species. The Iz’kal are a species of amphibious humanoids with an organised, strict society and a strong communal mind. They are telepathic, able to communicate among themselves without words, and live in a cooperative, egalitarian society; thus they are a collective both by genetic predisposition and by political mandate.


Vash'uh is a warrior. He was selected by the school of Furusiyya at the age of six. He was told he would become a soldier born to defend his nation. He had been genetically manipulated before birth and he had shown aptitude, although at the time he did not really understand what they were talking about. He is currently on board the Ikvo as the second mate to Commander Yisin Sun, with the mission of stopping the Ravager threat.


Burning Games designed Vash'uh with two things in mind. First off, it had to be self-evident that he is a warrior, and second, he needed to show the pride of belonging to what he believes is a superior society. This is somewhat already present in the illustration, but it is emphasised by the stoicism of the miniature's pose.

He is not in the thick of battle, but only because he had already taken care of all his foes in the way of his species: quickly and efficiently, and now he's resting, reflecting on his inevitable victory.


Skid is a Corvo. The Corvo are an insectoid-looking, industrious species that has managed to establish a prosperous space-dwelling civilisation by sheer economic power. They live and die by the rules of money, technological improvement and free enterprise. They are the most advanced species in the fields of data storage, communication, economy and space travel.


Skid is a hacker and Tech-Up engineer enlisted in the Coalition Planetary Expedition Corps as a cyber technician. Born in Tiantang, Skid has been obsessed with technology ever since he was a small ugly toddler; his life’s goal is to transcend mortal flesh and turn his body into one of the machines whose perfection he admires so much.

This miniature is actually a variant sculpt of the Garden in Hell version Burning Games made a few months back, which carried a gun. With this new variant, they wanted to highlight how important hackers are in the universe of FAITH, as well as the fact that it happens in the "theatre of the mind".


Most advanced technology in Faith is connected to the cerebral cortex, and thus can be controlled directly by the mind. This is why this variant of Skid carries no weapons or apparent gear: His hacking rig is implanted in his brain, and all he needs to hack enemy devices is to think about doing it.


Roadblock is a Raag. The Raag are a species of large, strong, and aggressive beings, native to the tunnels of the ice planet Heimis. They are humanoid bipeds, larger and bulkier than any other sentient species on record. Renowned for their strength and endurance, the Raag place great importance on tradition and honour. Their size and penchant for violence have led to them being used as slaves and gladiators by other species, mostly the conquering Korian.


Roadblock is officially a doctor and Ravager specialist of the Coalition, the Corvo-Iz'kal-Raag force that has formed against the Ravager. In spite of that, more often than not, he serves as his team’s muscle, protected by his massive armor. Given the nickname because of his size and his knack for standing in the way of hastier sentients, Roadblock is a versatile and capable warrior and scientist.


With Roadblock, Burning Games wanted to make a selfless hero. He's a tough warrior, as shown by his fierce pose and attitude, but he's kneeling down, protecting a fallen comrade from incoming fire, shielding his mate with his body while he makes a last stand, maybe even covering the retreat of his entire team. He is not afraid of danger, and he won't hesitate to put himself in harm's way to protect a team mate.

Expanded Miniatures Range

As well as the miniatures that you see above the team at Burning Games are also working on a range of other miniatures for the species in the game taking the collection up to eight in total. These includes a Female Iz'kal...


Female Raag, Male & Female Humans...




...and a Female Corvo.


In terms of the miniatures, each of them is made out of resin and stand at the 35mm scale on the tabletop. You can see how the measure up against each other here showing off how the named characters integrate into the line-up for you to give your own spin on things.


They are all big chunky pieces that will look fantastic on the tabletop, matching with the artwork and the style of the rest of the game.

Read About The World Of FAITH

As well as the miniature backstories we've learned about here the team at Burning Games also wanted to do something special for Backstagers so they have created a Short Story called Jabir in PDF for you to download and read through to get a better understanding of the world.


Backstager Short Story PDF Download

Give it a read and let us know what you think. Maybe you'll jump in on this awesome card driven Sci-Fi RPG. Drop your comments below on these awesome characters and watch out for The Weekender where we'll have a special prize to give away.

Keep an eye out!

"Burning Games also wanted to do something special for Backstagers so they have created a Short Story for you to download..."

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"...each of them is made out of resin and stand at the 35mm scale on the tabletop"

Supported by (Turn Off)

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