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Cackling Witches Take To The Skies From Fanticide!


No amount of wishing you were home is going to help in Fanticide as a pair of hideous witches grab their broomsticks and fly out.

Alien Dungeon’s Fanticide Trembles Before Behemoths


See what you think of these new additions to the world of Fanticide. Are the Behemoths great or a complete missed step?

How About Starting A Blood Tree Warband In Fanticide?


It looks like the wood is moving and it’s out for blood in the world of Nowhere from Fanticide.

Fanticide’s Warband Of The Fae Welcomes Flower Dryads


Check out the newest additions to the world of Fanticide from Alien Dungeon…

Grab a Smack Cloth and Face Your Enemies in Fanticide


Alien Dungeon have published another preview of the new Fanticide rule book, this time showing off some of the strange and mysterious relics your warband can take to battle.

Vote on the Next Creepy Addition to Fanticide


Fanticide is set to expand, but what warband will be leading the charge? That’s up to you!

Pledge Your Cash to the World of Nowhere with Fanticide


Fanticide heads to Kickstarter before it disappears into Nowhere.

Beware the Bloodthirsty Unicorn of Fanticide!


The people of Fanticide run away from this homicidal Unicorn.

The Mother Creep Wakes Her Brood


The Mother Creep calls her brood to eat, feasting on your corpse!

The Alien Dungeon Website is Open!


Want to check out more about Fanticide? Now you can as their website is live!

The Fae Arrive in Alien Dungeon’s World of Fanticide Nowhere


Alien Dungeon take you down to the Woods today…

Exploring the Underside of Fanticide Gives us the Creeps!


Fanticide has an underside, and its full of Creeps!