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March 24, 2020 by crew

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In an effort to try and help out some of the companies that were going to be heading to events this year, we've decided to list their websites for you here OnTableTop in a hope that you'll go and check them out and see what they have to offer. Make sure to check out Adepticon 2019 Part One & Part Two to scratch that itch too!

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Some of these companies might be well known to you. Others might be very new indeed. Either way, we think it would be worth checking them out and potentially throwing a bit of money their way by taking a look at their range. We're going to start things off with those exhibitors who would have been attending Adepticon 2020 this year.

Make sure to have a good look and maybe check out some of the vendors who you've never heard of. You could find some nice gems here and it might start off a new aspect of your hobby!

If some of the links don't work and such, make sure you tag me with @brennon in the comments and I'll come and fix it!

You can also checkout what we covered from the show last year in our Adepticon 2019 Live Blog!

So, who would you recommend from this list?

"So, who would you recommend from this list?"

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