Fight In The Battle For Xilos Campaign & Win Prizes

June 24, 2016 by brennon

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With battle raging across the Landing Zones, the fate of builder planet of Xilos lies in your hands from Warlord Games. Register now and submit your results in order to determine the outcome of the latest Episode, and to write the history of Xilos, and Beyond the Gates of Antares!

battle for xilos

The first week of the Online Campaign has been one of intense fighting - all factions have established their initial footholds upon the planet, with battle lines constantly shifting.

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The forces of the Concord Combined Command and the Ghar Empire have taken an early lead, having dropped forces in much larger numbers in an attempt to overwhelm the jungles of Xilos - however, the planet's fate is far from sealed, and reinforcements are inbound from all sides...

Goodies Up For Grabs

By registering for the campaign and submitting your results, you're not only helping to shape the Antares universe, but also boosting your chance to get your hands on all sorts of Antarean goodies - as we're offering a whole bundle of prizes for those participating in The Battle for Xilos!

Episodical Army!

The campaign takes an episodical structure - with new briefings providing new scenarios, victory conditions and bonuses each week.

Each week, we'll be picking one lucky participant who has submitted a Battle Report to win a either an Isorian Senatex 500 Point Army or...


...a Ghar Outcast Rebel 500 Point Army from the Warlord webstore which you get to choose.


Which would you go with?

Drop Capsule Assault!

We'll be picking our favourite Battle Report each week to receive a prize related to the latest Episode... the first Episode revolves around the Landing Grounds.


So - this week, we'll be awarding our favourite Battle Report writer with a set of our recently released Algoryn Drop Capsule Assault Pack!

Fartok's Choice!

We'll pick our favourite photograph submitted each week, and award the photographer with Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt!


We hope you enjoy!

Spot Prizes

There'll also be additional prizes throughout the campaign - including the likes of...

  • A prize for the biggest game played!
  • Booby prizes where appropriate!

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into the fighting and see if you can win some models for your collection.

Which faction are you playing for?

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