Catch An Exclusive Glimpse of Infinity’s Celestial Guard

September 14, 2018 by dracs

Corvus Belli have provided us with an exclusive look at some new models coming out for the Yu Jing and the Imperial Service; the violent soldiers of the Celestial Guard!

The Core Of Imperial Service

The Celestial Guard are tasked with the protection of Yu Jing's capital, the Forbidden City. They are an intervention unit, specialising in urban combat.

They also serve as part of police actions and inner security operations, and have garnered a terrifying reputation among the Yu Jing citizenry for their violent methods and near unlimited authority.

In With The New

These new Celestial Guard figures provide us with a cool update on the original sculpts.

The new models keep to the style of the originals, with slightly more dynamic stances and updated armour that makes them look more elite. Their guns don't appear quite as over-scaled now either, so that they appear to be wielding them with more practised ease.

What are your thoughts on Infinity's new Celestial Guards?

"[Celestial Guard] have garnered a terrifying reputation... for their violent methods."

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