Interview: Flyos Games Teach Us To Survive Until Daylight

September 27, 2018 by dracs

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Flyos Games recently went to Kickstarter with their survival horror card game Until Daylight.

Interview: Flyos Games Teach Us To Survive Until Daylight

Thomas Filippi, Flyos' co-founder and Chief of Operations, let's us in on what's happening with this new game.

Who are Flyos Games? How did you get started and what have you worked on before?

Flyos Games is made up of myself, Thomas, and my childhood friend Gary Paitre.  We're from France, but are now living in Canada. Two years ago, we had this idea of a fast, fun and beautiful game: Kiwetin.

The goal was to have a filler between our long game sessions, something to clean up the air and bring some fun between serious strategic games.

What kind of game is Until Daylight?

Until Daylight is a cooperative survival game where you need to stick with your teammates no matter what. There are three layers of gameplay: inventory management, strategy and a social aspect.

The experience is intense, always on the edge and empowering. You will feel like a real post-apocalyptic survivor, that’s guaranteed.

What gave you the idea to create this sort of survival game?

We had a few inspirations, things like World War Z, Walking Dead, but also Fallout. We wanted to add a layer of reality to contemporary board games, asking ourselves “what would really happen if we were stuck in this world?"

Most zombie games focus on zombies, whereas in “reality” it’s the social dimension of the group that will make you live or die. Zombies are just in the way, the dynamic is between players and survivors.

There are a lot of zombie games out there. What new approach do you think you have brought to the survival genre?

Time will tell, but after more than 60 test groups I can tell you that the inner dichotomy of the players is what makes Until Daylight different. The struggle between “I can do that but I should not”, the balance between what you want and what the group needs is something very special to watch.

You’d think that in a cooperative game players would be cooperative, right? Guess again 😀

The app is one of the most interesting parts of Until Daylight. How did you work to integrate it into the game?

Zombies are chaotic. They don’t knock on your door and give you a speech about their god, they always come at the least appropriate moment. We wanted to transcribe that into the game experience and we thought that a random timer will always put you on edge.

Are they here yet? Do I have more time? Should I… and then BOOM! You’re surrounded!

The best way to integrate that was an app, so we also added original music (specially composed for the game), some artwork and tadaaa, we had an app.

Do you think we will be seeing more games integrating digital assets going forwards?

Yes and no. We don’t think the community is completely ready, because of the age and generation gap. This is why we have included an hourglass in the Until Daylight core box. 

You can’t force players to play one specific way, you have to give them options.

Until Daylight has been enjoying a successful run on Kickstarter. What are the plans for it after the campaign?

Distribution, expansion, expanding upon the universe and then taking over the world.

Do you have any thoughts about possible expansions for it?

Yes, we do. We have two in mind, but we will see in time...

Thanks very much for talking with us Thomas, we look forward to seeing more from Until Daylight. If we manage to survive, of course.

What is your plan for the zombie apocalypse?

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