Let’s Play: The Edge – The Hunters & The Prey

October 11, 2018 by dignity

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Welcome to the first episode in a ten part series where Justin and Pawel from Awaken Realms go head to head in The Edge, Faceless vs Reborn campaign booklet.

Let's Play: The Edge - The Hunters & The Prey

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In this series, the Faceless are protecting their natural habitat against the horrifying Reborn who have one clear mission, however with fear gripping their feet that their Oracle planned for them to be killed or worse... her prophetic powers failed. With clarity soon returning they protect the sowing to the last and they just happen to carry the largest haul of pure crystals on this side of Eld-hain crater...

Stick around for Part Two of the Faceless vs Reborn Campaign

Which side do you think will turn out victorious?

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