NORTHAG & Mortem Et Gloriam Launch This Weekend From PSC

May 1, 2020 by avernos

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This weekend is a high watermark for fans of historical gaming as the Plastic Soldier Company has over 3500 years of gaming available with two new games. On Saturday 2nd they will begin their launch weekend with Mortem et Gloriam, a set of massed battle rules that covers 2000BCE until 1500 CE. While on Sunday 3rd the Third World War starts in 1983 with Battlegroup NORTHAG.

MeG (1)

To showcase these releases the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) has been gradually revealing some of the pages of both rulesets across their Facebook page. These have been showing tantalising glimpses into the layout and design philosophies behind the books. 


As well as these reveals they have also been working on their new Ultracast plastics to supplement the releases of both games with a host of miniatures in 15mm for MeG and 10mm for NORTHAG's moderns. Making it easier to raise your warhost or mobilise your Army Group for the tabletop. 


All of the images I've seen for the Ultracast show they have captured the detail on the 10 and 15mm figures beautifully and I'm really looking forward to getting to play with them when the studio starts up again. Until then I'll have to enviously look on as Justin and John get to poke around them.

Follow Along This Weekend

A timetable for the weekend has been put together starting on Saturday.

  • 10:00 Interview with Mortem Et Gloriam author Simon Hall
  • Simon Hall and Dr Simon Elliot will be playing 2 games of MeG with 3 webinars to follow their progress we'll be streaming these on the OTT homepage, or if you fancy getting involved in the chat you can sign up here;
  • 11.30 Pre-Battle: Introduction to the Rules and the set up of the two battles
  • 14.00 Mid-Battle: how the battles are progressing.
  • 18.00 In the end: the outcomes and highlights of the battles

We will also have the unboxing of some of the new Ultracast miniatures from the Pacto starter armies. On Sunday 

  • 10:00 Interview with Warwick Kinrade author of NORTHAG
  • 15:00 Unboxing of the new line of 10mm Ultracast miniatures
  • 17:00 Interview with Piers Brand on upcoming releases.

Piers will also be answering questions throughout the day through the OTT forum in a semi-live Q&A if you have any thoughts or questions about NORTHAG or their plans for the future.


There will also be a chance to win a starter set for NORTHAG so tune into the Weekender to see how you can lay your hands on this exciting take on the Cold War.


If you want to find out more about the games before the launch you can listen to the Simons on the A Few Brits And The Hobby podcast 

Or No Dice No Glory had a chance to run through the beta rules and have a great battle report there that is worth checking out to give you an idea of how it plays.

It looks like the weekend is going to be packed full of interesting things to take part in, I for one am keen to see the Simons webinars, and how much of a change to the game running the half-sized Pacto makes. If you’re a fan of historical gaming don’t miss these, and if you’ve yet to dabble then why not put down your fantasy and sci-fi and take a look to see what all the fuss is about.

Join us on Saturday and Sunday and bask in the past

"This weekend is a high watermark for fans of historical gaming as the Plastic Soldier Company has over 3500 years of gaming available with two new games. "

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