Securing The Future Of OnTableTop [Radio Show Discussion Added]

October 13, 2020 by warzan

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2020 didn’t quite turn out to be the year we had all been expecting, did it? It has been a year that would stretch the innovation and resources of any small business. Like many, we have seen aspects of our organisation surge in growth and other aspects slow down.

The last six months have been an eye-opener for myself and Lloyd as business owners as we look at the possible lay of the land including its risks and more importantly its opportunities.

Over the last few weeks, we have been in close contact with the management team at Wayland Games Ltd. and have as of yesterday reached an agreement to sell OnTableTop and merge it into the much larger organisation.

During this process, we have met some wonderful and caring folk within Wayland’s management who share our passion for innovation, community and just trying to get better at what we do!

As we worked with them it became clear that we all had an opportunity to bring the best of what we have together and really do some great things in the gaming industry. Wayland Games have become an absolute powerhouse over recent years and have stepped in with resources, infrastructure and scale to allow us to take the platforms we have been developing to the next level. Ultimately, they have also provided our gaming communities with the best tools, content and community platforms we can create.

By joining this larger family we are being given the opportunity to create all manner of things to help improve your gaming lives and provide even more fun and innovative opportunities for amazing companies and game designers we work with.

I’ll be honest. Lloyd and I have some mixed emotions about the whole thing. We have worked our little socks off to build and grow this platform, and packaging up that ten-year labour of love to a new owner does leave a little lump in the throat.

However, both Lloyd and I have a 360-degree view of the business, the industry and its community. We see the infrastructure required, the industry trends and the opportunities appearing plus the costs and risks involved in attempting to seize those opportunities.

This then was an opportunity we decided to seize. It not only secures the long term future of the platform and community but the opportunity to bring forward some of the exciting projects and ideas that we have been sitting on was irresistible!

Going forward there will be a relatively short period of integration where we can capitalise on the significant and well-oiled infrastructure the team at Wayland has built. This will heavily free up the time of myself and other key team members, to turn our sights to the future.

So yes, Lloyd myself and the team are all sticking around and will continue to be completely involved. Securing the future of our team and community during these troubled times was a decision we did not take lightly and we are looking forward to the journey ahead with you guys and gals!

This is another milestone in the "Beasts Of War" project. Many of you have been on this journey from the start, and we look forward to many more years with you both online and at events all over the world.

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I (Warren) will be hosting a live "Town Hall" in the Discord Server during the Live Cult Radio Show (8pm BST Wednesday 14th October) to chat about all of this and answer any questions I can. You are all very welcome to tune into that or even call in to ask questions.

Click Here For The Recorded Cult Radio Discussion (Warning: Strong Language)

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I’m sure we will talk about the last time we tried this and what has changed since then!

OK, folks, onwards and upwards!

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