Join Us For OnTableTop’s The Silver Bayonet Themed Week!

December 13, 2021 by brennon

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We are kicking off our Osprey Games The Silver Bayonet Week! We're going to be diving into the game, showing you how it plays and learning more from the creator himself, Joseph A. McCullough.


This is a fantastic game of Napoleonic horror. If you've ever been tempted to pit Sharpe against a werewolf or play out some ghostly and ghoulish hauntings on the battlefields of Europe then this is your chance.

What Is The Silver Bayonet?

The Silver Bayonet is a new standalone game from Joseph A. McCullough that puts you in the boots of monsters hunters during the Napoleonic period.

Check Out The Silver Bayonet Review Here

The game can be played solo, cooperatively or competitively with players taking control of their hunters and exploring a horror-filled Europe. Make sure to check out the review above for more information and catch up on how to play and more next week.

What Is Coming Up?

Throughout the week you'll have a bunch of videos to check out...

  • Monday 13th December - How To Play: The Silver Bayonet
  • Tuesday 14th December - Designer Interview With Joseph McCullough
  • Wednesday 15th December - Unboxing: The Silver Bayonet Units
  • Thursday 16th December - Unboxing: The Silver Bayonet Monsters
  • Saturday 18th December - Let's Play: The Silver Bayonet

This should give you a great idea of how the game plays and what models you can pick up from North Star Military Figures to use when making your own unit of monster hunters. Gerry and Justin will be clashing on the tabletop once more. Who do you think will come out on top?

What Could You Win?

We're also giving away some prizes! You could win one of the Unit sets from North Star Military Figures for the British, French or the Spanish PLUS Rulebooks to get you started in the game.


This gives you two chances to win a great The Silver Bayonet bundle OR three chances if you're a Cult Of Games member! All you have to do is comment on the posts on OnTableTop or the videos on YouTube for a chance to get your hands on one of these sets.




So, keep an eye out for The Silver Bayonet week videos and make sure to get involved. This is an awesome game and it might be just what you needed in your collection if you're a Historical wargamer, a Fantasy wargamer or perhaps both!

Will you be joining us for The Silver Bayonet Week?

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