Roll Up At Speed With Flames Of War Armoured Rifle Platoon

April 8, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have another funky plastic kit on the way soon for your American army in World War II. See what you make of this Armoured Rifle Platoon!

Armored Rifle Platoon (Box)

Painted Armoured Rifle Platoon

Armoured Rifle Platoon (Contents)

Once again these new plastic kits seem to be solving some of the problems I've had with the existing Flames of War infantry - big head syndrome. These are some great looking plastics and alongside the Half-Track you get a fair amount of awesome stuff in here.

These guys bring some heavy duty kit to the field as well with a Light Machine Gun, Mortar and Bazooka. Armour AND infantry beware!

Worth adding to your American army?