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3D Patreon Watch – August 2020

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    Cyber Forge:


    Titan Forge :


    Artisan Guild:


    Tytan Troll:

    Sounds like they add more models every week.  Look really characterful so could be worth checking in on


    Unit 9:




    Raging Heroes:



    Cult of Games Member

    Cult of Games Member

    Duncan Shadow Louca:

    Seems to be hiding this mknths releases behind a paywal.  Anyone got an image we can see?

    Lost Kingdoms:


    Dragon Trappers Lodge:


    Hero Spawn Spot:

    I see some trainee mages for September, but I cannot see whats coming for August

    Monstrous / Galactic Encounters:


    Thunder Chrome:

    August release hidden behind pay wall.  Heres 2 previews:



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    Vae Victus:

    August stuff not out yet???  Here’s the full July pic, still available.  This month is Desert Theme


    Asgard Rising:


    Cast N play:



    Loot Studios:






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    Cult Miniatures:

    “Hello there.

    For reasons beyond my control, I feel mostly forced to close this Patreon. The Billing cycle wil keep paused for all current patrons and the last models will eventually release here.

    After some time, I’ll open a second Patreon and close this one so I can set the releases not monthly but “per creation” (Patreon does not allow me to change this after the page is launched). There will be proper announcements when everything is ready and I’ll ensure you all receive the remaining rewards.”

    Lord of the Print:



    “I’m stopping patreon”

    No further info, but he’s 17 so I’m guessing real life got in the way

    Goonmaster Games:


    Darkblack Minis:

    Patreon closed

    Was there some kind of copyright legal action against Patreon and now people are running away?



    Makers Cult:

    Modular apace fleets

    makers c;ult

    August will include the following:

    Part 1:
    – Black Knights Close Combat Squad                              (Garin)
    – Valour Korps – Company Command Squad                (Brexitt)
    – Valour Korps – Lieutenant Hans                                       (Brexitt)
    – Skull Bots                                                                                  (Brexitt)
    – Space battle Fleet –  Imperial and Orc                           (Danny Cyanide)

    Part 2:
    – Dark Techno – Velocirax Battle Thralls                          (Sebtheis)
    – Feudal Guard – Upgrade Pack 2                                       (Brexitt)
    – Heavy Infantry – Cronus configuration                          (Garin)
    – Heavy Troopers – Cataclysm Configuration                (Garin)

    Twin Goddess:



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    Anvil Industries:

    ARMOURED RENEGADES this month.  No pics yet.  I’m assuming its a 40k parallel, so chaos marines?

    Art of Mike:

    First batch for august so Im assuming more similar in theme to come?


    And thats my lot.  Plese share more if you know of them and feel free to add more for these guys as they add to this months patreons




    Cult of Games Member

    Cult of Games Member

    Vae Victus tends to release throughout the month, so although there’s very often a basic theme established, you often don’t know what you’re getting right up until a day or two before the month ends! So far I’ve seen something called a “Naga” and a camel.


    There was so much good stuff last month (July) I spent a fortune on Patreon.

    I’m still in two minds about Cyber Forge. I was so excited about it when it launched, then immediately just felt a bit “meh” (a bit like their vampires release as Titan Forge). For something trailed for so long as a cyberpunk patreon, there was an awful lot of “generic sci-fi” and Warhammer 40k proxies. I stuck around for this month only because they said they were changing tack and focussing more on cyberpunk in the future (August is all about the Aliens movies – which is cool and everything, just not what was promised at the start). I might stick with them. Or maybe not.

    Unit9 is much more the kind of thing I expected from a cyberpunk creator. Cool looking characters, super, dynamic poses, guns and suits and shutter-blind shades – now that’s cyberpunk!

    I’m still looking to pick up the odd Patreon here and there, so threads like this are brilliant – thanks for all the effort you’ve put into it!



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    Thanks @lawnor for doing all this work.


    Let me add one more little Pateron I participate in, this is Monstrous Makings.

    All he does are Infinity weapons and details for conversions. All his models are freely available over on Thingiverse. The Patreon is only to encourage him to do more.

    Updates are more or less biweekly, latest delivery is this:



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    @lawnor – from what I understand there was some kind of “class action” (?) against Patreon – there was some conspiracy theorist right-wing nutjob spreading nonsense on their platform, so they kicked him off. They *then* changed their terms to say “we can kick you off if we don’t like your content” (tbh, I’ve never understood why this kind of thing is an issue in the first place – your platform, your rules, surely?)

    Anyway, the guy who was kicked off told all his supporters to also raise an action against Patreon for being denied the content that they’d paid for. Word is that’s about 100 people and each case is expected to cost Patreon about $10k. So it’s *possible* that it could drag Patreon under.

    Patreon contested the initial case, but last week *lost* – effectively opening the doors for everyone else to bring their court action too; many have said they’re not actually interested in winning their case, just to bring it to court in order to drive up the costs for Patreon and force them out of business – a lot of it reads like spite.

    Whether or not this is the main reason for a few patreon creators closing, I don’t know. I’ve seen a few creators simply get too far behind because they felt they had to offer more and more every month and it all just got a bit too much for them.


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    I saw a youtube video to this effect.  No idea who reliable it was so interesting to see you back it up.  We will see how this plays out I guess.


    The sculpts are damn good. I think that the work being put out by 3D artists is well earned for doing all the thinking and then roughing out ideas. The production is in the hands of the subscribers to make their minis. Hell I’m happy right now paying for a few figures here and there as I lack the printer/resin to make my own. Ugh… what we geeks value has made jobs for others that don’t need to make any physical thing and isn’t able to be calculated by previous standard means. I think this is the same kind of revolution in thinking that crypto has had on fiat currency.


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    And one more, a buddy of mine just signed up for this one:


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    Highland miniatures

    Looking pretty good this month, mounted knights and a Griffin.



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