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    So the ‘mystery’ from GW this week was Age of Sigmar is getting a 3rd edition.

    Not a big surprise… I got the feel that Broken Realms was working towards a new edition.

    Be interesting to see what’s in the new boxed set…

    Presumably stormcast… as GW like their space marines in every starter set and that includes the fantasy space marines known as stormcast.

    The other faction may well be destruction as they seem to be the new threat…

    Not sure I’ll buy it… depends what’s in the box as I still haven’t had chance to play 2e with the Stormcast vs Nighthaunt.


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    I watched this announcement today and was not surprised as well.

    If the boxed set has the new full size book in it and the new stormcast models or one of the other six armies that I collect then I’ll probably snag it.

    I do like the new winged Stormcast character ‘ Yndrasta’    ! 🤓👍

    The new Vindicator Stormcast have a lot of potential.  But why do I get the feeling of Primaris all over again??


    Oh well, I’ll still buy them..


    The last clip of the reveal makes it pretty clear that there’s a new force coming, a destruction force that is seemingly swamp-based, which is exciting.



    Not Swampy…. the infamous tunneller who according to Ian Hislop was rather… smelly.

    Smelly plastic… that’s a new twist… they’ve been promising smelly-vision for decades.

    Or maybe it will be some swamp sirens… GW have released more females lately and seem to like dangerous women… not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing.

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    • This reply was modified 1 month, 1 week ago by  pagan8th.

    People seem to think it’s Fimir, GW’s interpretation of our own Fomorians.


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    I am expecting new Orks … or maybe an Ork variant.
    A perfect opportunity given that they are making ‘new’ savage orkses for 40k as well.

    AoS appears to get ‘new’ editions every time the ‘official’ story advances.
    The ‘new’ rules suggest some narrative based stuff, which makes me think that the AoS equivalent of the ‘Crusade’ system from 40k 9th edition is the only ‘new’ thing.
    To me that is a rather pathetic excuse … a pure campaign focused expansion could have worked.

    But then this is GW … they need new core rules, because it allows them to sell new codexes again.

    If you look at how other companies (Mantic, Warlord, Corvus Belli, Battlefront) handle the update policy for their core rules then each update has meaningful updates focusing on both streamlining systems and a system that is designed to be stable.
    It’s not like they don’t make mistakes that risk upsetting their community (as apparently happened with Flames of War 4th edition), but at least they take the chance …

    Somehow GW does not design their rules like that … as every update is more focused on adding flashy gimmicks and less on creating a mechanicly solid core.

    Of course there’s the eternal problem that systems without new core rules appear to be ‘stale’ and ‘forgotten’ because we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that no update = death.

    They could do soo much more … but then their consumer base is too conservative and filled with neckbeards who ‘demand’ stuff so their previous tournament winning armies can keep on winning ?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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