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Any graphics designers out there?

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    I’ve not really done much “hobby” lately, since I’ve been re-writing my app-based game (when I finally got a working version back in April, I decided it would be too difficult to clone and use the framework for other games, so have spent the last couple of months ripping it apart and making it much more “modular”).

    I’m now at the stage where everything is working again, but it’s chock full of “coder art” (those of you who know, can already imagine how fugly it looks!). I’ve hit evanto market and graphic river and a few other websites and have seen some nice ideas for a game ui – but none of them match quite what I’m looking for.

    So I thought I’d ask if anyone in our community might be interested/willing to help with making an RPG character UI. I can post screenshots here when I get onto my “works” computer to show the kind of data that needs to be displayed. There are about 6-8 “fields” of data that need displaying (alongside the character profile picture). The current game is a sci-fi RPG (space-hulk-alike game) but I’m hoping to use a similar game framework for other genres/game rules.

    Are there any websites anyone can recommend to get nice some nice graphics/game ui layouts from?



    You could take a look at Deviant art etc and try and find someone whose work matches the sort of thing you’re after. Perhaps write a brief which will help get some quotes, but I’ll be honest, most professional graphic designers/illustrators are going to charge a fee.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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