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Anyone still playing Blood Bowl/Blitz Bowl?

Home Forums 3D Printing for Tabletop Gaming Anyone still playing Blood Bowl/Blitz Bowl?

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    I’ve not been near Kickstarter for about ten years. I’ve looked at the odd project every now and again, but nothing really interested me. However, having a 3d printer, a habit for collecting .stl files and a long-held love of the idea of Blood Bowl (I’ve always liked the idea of the game more than actually playing it) I couldn’t resist this Kickstarter:

    I’m in for the nice-looking scatter terrain more than the tiles (I much prefer a sheet of mdf covered in static grass!) but having recently started painting up dioramas to show off my minis, I quite fancy going for something a bit bigger after the summer….

    Does anyone out there still play Blood Bowl on the tabletop? Or has it all gone digital now?





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    Yes I am (“playing”, well currently obviously not) and I saw that KS just today… looks nice and all… but 3D print is of the devil!


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    Love BloodBowl, but haven’t played for ages as it always takes way longer than you think for a game. The tournament scene still seems pretty strong (obviously not at the moment).

    However, during the current lockdown i’ve played a fair bit of BlitzBowl on Tabletop Simulator. Its really good. Not just a dumbed down version of bloodbowl. But it gives you the “feels” of a game of bloodbowl but only takes half an hour.

    I highly recommend giving it a go. Pity its only physically available in USA and Germany. Also BloodBowl Team Manager card game was pretty good.



    Hot damn, those are pretty



    Those are some great looking files. Totally share the sentiment of liking the idea of Blood Bowl more than I’ve actually ever enjoyed a game.


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    I’d love to try Blitz Bowl – I’ve read through the rules and it sounds like the kind of game Blood Bowl could have/should have been. I remember being totally engrossed in the fluff for Blood Bowl back in the 80s, creating team rosters, designing team colours, helmet badges and the like – even spoof brands to fit in with the humour and satire (that sadly seems to be lacking in so many GW titles these days)  and totally loving the idea of league play. Then my friends and I played a couple of games and…. man, it was hard work! I don’t think we ever completed a full league (and rarely more than a single game in a week!)

    Blitz Bowl looks fast and fun.

    I’m in for the stadium files. I think I’m going to make a cool looking Blood Bowl pitch (or maybe a smaller Blitz Bowl one) even if I dont’ get to play the game!


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    If I had a 3D printer I’d be all over this (and I think the miniature renders actually look better than the official GW minis with their “Jazz Hands” Human linesman). I’d be buying all the files as it’s a BB pitch of my dreams….

    But it does look like a major project to print (so even contracting someone to print it out for you would be expensive as it looks like it would take weeks to print out).

    Must admit tho, I do find I play Dreadball more often then I do BB (as BB games do take an age to finish)



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    Gone all in on this, as i love Bloodbowl and i`m just getting in to 3D printing it just had to happen.



    I managed to get hold of a set of Blitz Bowl when I was in the states just after New Year. It is a great game – much faster than Blood Bowl, easy to learn, yet with lots of opportunities for strategy and nuance. I really hope GW release it in the UK so it can attract more players.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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