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    From PSC Facebook page

    little bit if mid-week news to share from the Battlegroup team…


    Well the long wait has finally ended!

    From the end of May 2019, The Plastic Soldier Company will be taking over exclusive ownership of the Battlegroup gaming series from Ironfist Publishing.

    What will this mean to our players?

    Well not much will change for you but we hope it will finally secure new production and reprints going forward.

    Warwick will be writing the rest of the books and finishing the series as always planned. Piers will be looking after the support and promotion of the game along with helping out on books as needed in terms of writing and photos. So in this regard nothing changes.

    What will change is that along with the new books, PSC will commence reprinting the currently out of print titles. First up will be the first half of Overlord (D-Day) to pair with Beyond the Beaches. Following this will be Kursk and Fall of the Reich. It’s planned all this will be in softback form, in order to lower costs in both production, shipping and retail.

    The next hardback book release will be Battlegroup: Pacific War, later in 2019, followed by the series returning to the Eastern and Southern Fronts in 2020.

    As regards NORTHAG, we will now be helping PSC with its final production and release, plus looking at a first supplement for the NORTHAG series.

    We hope this brings security and stability to Battlegroup and it’s community in the future and look forward to working with PSC on the game and increasing its popularity.

    • Piers and Warwick”


    Hopefully the books being available will encourage more people to get into the game.



    i`m painting 15mm for the first time thanks to the rules of battlegroup…..



    Big fan. Own a lot of books. Love them.



    Lots of exciting stuff to come…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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