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Blast from the past….SKYTREX

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    Seems they are out of their previous financial difficulties and are trading again (not sure if it’s new owners or not), but noticed they are doing some new resin/metal hybrid minis these days (although only in post WWII).

    Might be some things for you Team Yankee players (here’s a model of the BTR80)

    BUT they also do the rather ugly BTR 50 (perfect for your second/third line Warsaw PACT forces) in many variants.

    Not sure if Old Glory (US) carry this line yet or not, but was always very happy with the casting I got from Skytrex (especially the WWII 15mm infantry). Take a look (if you’ve never seen these before as they’ve been away from the show circuit for so long)

    Although I do describe the 15mm WW2 infantry as being in two generations (sadly the US based sculptor who did the original line died way too early). The original late war British, Russian, German and US basic infantry (and addons) were very good. The later second generation (by a different sculptor) like the Western Desert figs and Early War are “near” but not quite as good.

    Still all in all good, to see these back available 🙂





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    Good to see them still going.  Their extensive range has helped me fill a few gaps in my FoW late German forces before (the odd command vehicle, AA batrery etc).



    They sold off a lot of their ranges and I think there are still legal issues going on with money being owed etc . Their old 6mm ranges went to Heroics and Ros,not sure where the naval stuff went.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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