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Blitzkrieg Miniatures announce….

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    7th December 1941 a day that has been be recorded in history..The Attack on Pearl Harbor.

    We are delighted to announce that Blitzkrieg Miniatures has launched a new range of high quality 3d printed 1/1800 scale Warships used in most current and up and coming Naval table top games.

    The Models are designed by Ghukek’s Miniatures under license to Blitzkrieg Miniatures to manufacture and sell miniatures around the World.

    The models come in a single one piece grey plastic and are supplied with a 2mm deep acrylic clear base, perfect for using on a dedicated table to allow detail to come through or you can simply paint and base them to match you other models.

    We have over 200 ships available straight away and these will be available from our new website over the weekend.

    The team at Blitzkrieg Miniatures


    You can see some of Ghukek’s Miniatures here


    Note: The website hasn’t been updated as of yet

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    That’s exciting news.


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    Not up on the website yet 🙁


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