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Centurion 6mm Horus Heresy

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    Hi All jumping into the already saturated 6mm Horus Heresy Market.

    Wanted to share my current project called Centurion.

    Centurion covers 6mm Company plus battles with a card based activations system using that considers the mobility of a Detachment. It has its own website at the moment which houses the current rules and army lists. At the moment there are 16 Legion lists with the Thousand Sons and Dark Angels left to do. The website has a section for experimental rules such as knights, Warhound Titan and Psykers. In addition to the Legions there is work starting on the Solar Auxilla and will hopefully in time encompass Ork and Eldar forces. Centurion also uses Strategy Cards (pic 1) to add a wildcard element to the game and can be used to hinder the enemy or boost friendly forces capabilities. Army buliding uses a template in which Detachments are allocated to. Centurion used Detachment cards (pic 2) to compliment force building and to offer a player a reference point while playing. Anyway links below,

    Website –

    FB –

    Discord –

    draft deluxe InfantryUM Cards

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    I am very exited for this.  I am a long Epic fan and I have played since Adeptus Titanicus.  I most play Epic Armageddon when I can find an opponent. I have downloaded these rules and I will go over them tonight.  It is always nice to see an alternative ruleset to an established period.

    Thanks for letting us know.




    Added some pics to first post, action shot below.326931282_1351158169049071_5829598775551954078_n

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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