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    Watched the last but one episode last of above series. If (I do say IF) it is anything close to a historical account, and the sheer amount of resources the old Soviet Union had to throw into the crisis, if it had any plans to invade the West, this could have thrown it out of the window.

    One had they not not been able to contain the crisis the resultant radiation cloud would have made it academic as most of Western Europe would have been uninhabitable.

    Two if only the Ukraine had been effected, it would have reduced the avenue that the Soviets would have had to move reinforcements to the advance  unless subjecting them to significant amounts of radiation. Although the Soviet Union did have a  a historic tolerance  for  large numbers  human casualties, its troops even if not killed by the exposure could have been seriously incapacitated.

    Three had things really gone Sour, not pissing off the nations with the best resources to help the crisis, even with the Soviet’s face saving policy may not have been the best of ideas, particularly with a plan that may led to even more radiation from nuclear exchanges.




    A fantastic a fascinating series – I have loved it 🙂

    Gorbachev himself credited Chernobyl with the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union even more than the intervention from the Hoff!!!

    Seriously though the cost of dealing with it must have been enormous. And I found the documentary pretty terrifying tbh


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    I watched the final episode last night and it did answer some of the questions about accuracy and I think to a large extent it was factual with a bit of literary licence. There is an interesting quote from Gorbachev at the end where he wrote that he believed Chernobyl was the reason the Soviet Union came to an end.



    Haven’t watched the last episode yet, but the first 4 episodes are some of the best TV I have watched in years.  So many terrain ideas as well for post-Apocalypse gaming tables.


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    Dammit guys spoilers 🙂

    It did bug me a little how they treated life in the USSR even on it’s Deathbed. You would not have called anyone a “Gentlemen” (It would be like going in to a board meeting and just dropping an N bomb) and the constant threats to have people shot are more 40K than USSR, they didn’t need to threaten you they just had to tell you what to do and you knew what would happen if you didn’t the Society was far more subtle and implied but I do understand this is TV and they need to make the danger very clear to the viewer. No Soviet would be shocked at how inefficient the USSR was, come on it took upwards of 7 years to get a car no one would be shocked the Soviet System was arbitrary or slow and they certainly wouldn’t have said anything about it openly especially not to an apparatchik.

    @bobcockayne totally agree with all your points especially the second one, the Soviets absolutely would have sent men through to the area, they wouldn’t have cared about the effects in 10 or so years. If you kill tens of Millions of people in Gulags and Mass Executions you’ve pretty much shown the world you could care less about your own people’s well being.

    It really was a great series hopefully we get more of these type of things in the future.


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    I think this was a very well done series, and it although some dramatisation of course, I’d say it was being very faithful to the history.

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