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City of Mist RPG and Starter Box

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    The City of Mist RPG has a Kickstarter running to print a physical Starter Box for the award winning RPG.

    If you are new to City of Mist, I highly recommend that you look at one of the larger pledges to get amazing deals on the core and supplement books as well as the starter box.  I’ve got the slip-cased core books (Player’s Guide and MC Toolkit with a MC Screen) and they are beautiful, quality books for an amazing game.  I have a little trouble describing City of Mist as it is a LOT of amazing things…so I’ll let the Kickstarter tell you:

    City of Mist is a multi award-winning tabletop roleplaying game about modern-day versions of myths and legends, investigating supernatural crimes and mysteries.

    In the City, only a few ordinary people wield legendary powers. They remain hidden from the population at large due to mystical veil – the Mist – which seeks not only to hide them, but to make them forget their legends. Imagine Little Red Riding Hood as a crime-fighting teenager, Captain Hook as a drug dealer, and the Greek Icarus as a daredevil biker. They all have their powers, but at the same time struggle with their ordinary lives…

    You and your friends will play a crew of ordinary individuals wielding legendary powers who investigate a city full of mysteries, crime, magic, and corruption to get to the truth. It will be a cinematic detective story, borrowing heavily from film noir, with a lot of personal drama, self-discovery and sacrifice, and thrilling super-powered action. Are you ready to hit the streets?

    The game is run by the Master of Ceremonies, the showrunner of the game, while each of the other players plays one of the five characters in the Starter Box (you can create your own characters with the Player’s Guide book). The MC guides your crew from location to location, collecting clues, talking to victims and witnesses, and battling legendary mobsters.


    Inspired by this Kickstarter, I just made my first City of Mist character…a disabled firefighter turned CSI/Arson Specialty channeling the mythos of Frankenstein’s Monster.  I can’t wait to play him!  [My next project as time allows is to make characters channeling the mythos of each of the major Universal monsters.]

    Anyway, check it out if you haven’t already.  The Kickstarter ends a week from today (on Thursday, Dec. 19, 2019).




    Between a lot of real world stuff…finally took the time (and enjoyment) to create my Frankenstein’s Monster mythos character. As this is the very first City of Mist character I’ve ever created, I’m sure I probably missed something.

    One thing to note about character creation is that you choose four out of 14 themebooks to build your character.  In this case I used the Bastion, Expression, Defining Event, and Defining Relationship themebooks.  Before each of the Power Tags and Weakness Tags you will notice a letter.  That letter directly corresponds to a lettered question on the themebook so that I can go back to that themebook and see exactly what question that tag answers if need be.

    Example: The “H.” question on the Expression themebook is, “What trick shots or special maneuvers can you do with your Expression powers?”  To which my answer was, “Make an Exit.”  So this tag can be helpful to me when I need a quick getaway.

    Name: Peter Vincent Fallworth
    Mythos: Frankenstein’s Monster
    Logos: Disfigured firefighter turned CSI/Arson Specialist

    Theme 1 – CAN’T KEEP A DEAD MAN DOWN (Bastion Mythos)
    Mystery – “Am I cursed to live like this forever?”
    Power Tags
    A. Undead Corpse Body
    F. Immune to Electricity
    J. Intimidation
    A. Sewn-together body

    Theme 2 – MONSTROUS STRENGTH (Expression Mythos)
    Mystery – “Are these the hands of a killer?”
    Power Tags
    A. Inhuman Strength
    G. Unstoppable Stamina
    H. Make an Exit
    C. Don’t know my own strength.

    Theme 3 – BURNED BUT NOT BROKEN (Defining Event Logos) [Firefighter badly burned in arson attack]
    Identity – “Some people just want to watch the world burn.”
    Power Tags
    A. To protect others from a similar fate.
    B. Firefighter’s disability pension
    E. Blind Counselor
    F. Forensic Science
    B. Rejected as a disfigured freak
    D. Arsonphobia

    Theme 4 – HE MADE ME, BUT DOESN’T OWN ME (Defining Relationship Logos) [Father – Dr. Vincent Fallworth]
    Identity – “I wish dad would stop trying to control me.”
    Power Tags
    A. A Safe Place
    B. Medical Doctor
    D. Stubborn
    B. Something to prove


    Next up will be my characters channeling the Mythoi of The Invisible Man and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.  I rewatched both of those movies yesterday for a little inspiration and research (and fun).

    There are still a few days left in the City of Mist Starter Set Kickstarter:

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    Here’s my interpretation of The Invisible Man mythos being channeled. I think I need some more time with this one, but it seems fine for a rough draft. One area I’ll be evaluating is if I have too much overlap between the three Mythos templates, all of which center on an interpretation of invisibility. QUALIFIER: Anyone who knows me should know this without question…but for the cheap seats of the interwebs…in no way is this take on a homeless and (possibly) mentally unstable character an attempt at trivializing those in need and those suffering mental health issues.

    Name: Harriet Grace Wells
    Mythos: The Invisible Man
    Logos: Homeless Schizophrenic

    Theme 1 – ALWAYS OVERLOOKED (Subversion Mythos)
    Mystery – “Will anyone ever truly see me?”
    Power Tags
    A. Turn Invisible
    C. Threatening Voice without Form
    G. The City’s Homeless Network
    J. Move without Sound
    A. My footprints
    B. An unstable woman

    Theme 2 – THE VOICES IN MY HEAD (Divination Mythos)
    Mystery – “Who are whispering from the Mist?”
    Power Tags
    A. The Voices from the Mist
    H. Always find a hot meal
    J. That which man was not meant to know.
    A. The simultaneously speaking voices can’t be ignored.

    Theme 3 – SLIP IN AND OUT (Mobility Mythos)
    Mystery – “What are the Voices hiding…and where?”
    Power Tags
    A. Unseen Movement
    C. Sleight of Hand
    G. Surprise from behind
    B. Leaves a trail

    Theme 4 – STREET SURVIVOR (Routine Logos)
    Identity – “Find a safe place to sleep.”
    Power Tags
    A. Search for food and shelter
    E. The dark alleys were stuff happens
    I. Queen of the streets
    D. Socially awkward

    Hopefully I can get to a character channeling The Creature from the Black Lagoon tonight or tomorrow.



    Starting to get a bit more traction. A nice warm-up as we get closer to the 48-hour warning.

    The Kickstarter has hit a couple of stretch goals by adding Tracking Cards and a Crew Card to the starter box.  Next up are 7 location maps.

    I finished up my character with a Creature from the Black Lagoon mythos. I also realized that I haven’t been titling my themes.

    Name: Harry Arthur Ross
    Mythos: The Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Logos: City Sewer Maintenance Worker

    Theme 1 – SWIM LIKE A FISHMAN (Mobility Mythos)
    Mystery – “What is hidden in the lakebed?”
    Power Tags
    A. Swim the Depths
    C. Webbed Claws
    G. Drag Underwater
    D. Wet Clothes

    Theme 2 – GILLMAN (Bastion Mythos)
    Mystery – “Why is Westmore interested in the sewers?”
    Power Tags
    A. Scaly Hide
    G. Amphibian Anatomy
    I. Impossible Dives
    A. Monstrous Appearance

    Theme 3 – JUSTICE FOR MILICENT (Mission Logos)
    Identity – “Westmore will pay for what he’s done.”
    Power Tags
    A. Brawler
    E. Snooping Around
    I. Sewer Safehouse
    D. Can’t do this alone

    Theme 4 – SEWER INSPECTOR (Routine Logos)
    Identity – “A man is nothing without a job.”
    Power Tags
    A. Sewer Maintenance
    B. City Waterways Access
    E. Secret Access from the Sewers
    J. Hard-working Man
    A. Grimy & Smelly
    C. Waterworks Crisis

    I’ve got three more Universal Classic Monster themed characters to go and I think The Mummy will be next…



    Just as we hit the 48-hour warning for the City of Mist Starter Box Kickstarter, I’ve finished my own personal City of Mist project…a six-character crew channeling the mythoi of the Universal Classic Monsters (Frankenstein’s Monster, The Invisible Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Mummy, Dracula, and the Wolf Man). I’ve already posted drafts of three of these above and I’ll post the rest periodically as the campaign comes to a close.

    Fair warning…I’m new to City of Mist character creation and these are rough drafts at best. But it was a fun exercise to keep me entertained during this project…and a great excuse to pull the books out.


    And now here is the fourth UCM character:

    Name: Richard Wilcox Balderston
    Mythos: The Mummy
    Logos: New Age Minister

    Theme 1 – SCROLL OF THOTH (Relic Mythos)
    Mystery – “Can I change Zita back?”
    Power Tags
    A. Return the Dead to Life
    B. Immortality
    E. Curse of the Pharaohs
    I. Army of Undead
    A. Lengthy Ritual
    D. Obsessed

    Theme 2 – ZITA PUTNAM (Defining Relationship Logos)
    Identity – “She’ll remember what we were in time.”
    Power Tags
    A. My Eternal Love
    C. Hide My True Feelings
    J. The Ministry of Seven Stars
    B. Says We’re Just Friends

    Theme 3 – TREASURES OF THE PAST (Possessions Logos)
    Identity – “The future’s answers lay in the past.”
    Power Tags
    A. Priceless Library
    B. Collection of Antiquities
    E. Research
    D. Can’t carry it all with me

    Theme 4 – SCHOLAR (Training Logos)
    Identity – “I know what this generation has forgotten.”
    Power Tags
    A. Tireless Investigation
    B. Find the Paper Trail
    E. Speed Reading
    A. Outdated Methods

    That just leaves Dracula and Wolf Man mythoi to come as we count down the last 48 hours of the campaign…




    With 36 hours left in the campaign and 4 stretch goals unlocked (Tracking cards, Crew Card, 7 Maps, and PC/NPC tokens) to beef-up the starter box…time for the 5th of my 6 Universal Classic Monster mythoi inspired characters:

    Name: Contessa Helen Fort
    Mythos: Dracula
    Logos: Divorce Attorney

    Theme 1 – NIGHT-WALKER (Adaptation Mythos)
    Mystery – “What power can I leech from the Mist-born?”
    Power Tags
    A. Vampiric Powers
    B. Command the Creatures of the Night
    C. Mesmerism
    H. Claws and Fangs
    C. Sunlight
    D. Just a Touch of Megalomania

    Theme 2 – SHAPESHIFTING (Mobility Mythos)
    Mystery – “Am I bad…or am I just drawn this way?”
    Power Tags
    A. Turn into a Bat
    C. Turn into Mist
    D. Turn into a Wolf
    A. Airtight Barriers

    Theme 3 – VAMP (Personality Logos)
    Identity – “If God gave it to me, She must have wanted me to use it.”
    Power Tags
    A. Opportunist
    D. Seductive
    I. City Nightlife
    A. Unwanted Attention

    Theme 4 – BLOOD-SUCKING LAWYER (Routine Logos)
    Identity – “Ball-buster”
    Power Tags
    A. High-power Divorce Attorney
    H. Seven-digit Bank Account Balance
    I. Penthouse Apartment
    C. Court Date

    Next up will be Wolf Man’s mythos…and we are closing in on the next stretch goal…adding a couple of dice to the starter box!





    We aren’t quite to the 24-hour mark of the end of the City of Mist Starter Box Kickstarter, but with the unlocking of the Starter Box dice, it seems like a good time to drop the 6th and final of my Universal Classic Movie mythoi characters:

    Name: Lon Zevon, Jr.
    Mythos: Wolf Man
    Logos: Gossip Rag Reporter

    Theme 1 – MOON IS FULL AND BRIGHT (Expression Mythos)
    Mystery – “What does the moonlight want me to see?”
    Power Tags
    A. Lycanthropy
    C. Bite and Claws
    D. Full Moon
    J. Immune to Non-silver Weapons
    A. Weaker during a New Moon
    C. Can’t tell friend from foe

    Theme 2 – WOLFBANE BLOOMS (Divination Mythos)
    Mystery – “Why did Westmore get me kicked off the story?”
    Power Tags
    A. Wolf Senses
    G. Track by Scent
    I. Terrorizing Howl
    B. Rainstorm

    Theme 3 – MAN WHO IS PURE IN HEART (Mission Logos)
    Identity – “Disgraced or not, I’ve got to discover the truth about Westmore.”
    Power Tags
    A. Smooth Talker
    C. Pack of Paperboys
    J. Police Connections
    D. Quarry is Protected

    Theme 4 – THE FOURTH ESTATE (Training Logos)
    Identity – “I’m better than this rag.”
    Power Tags
    A. Journalism
    B. Develop an Informant
    E. Pick up on a Lie
    B. Sleepless Nights

    The creator says we’ve got some additional end-game stretch goals and add-ons to come as we head into the final day of the campaign!



    Wow…great add-on stretch goals at the end of the City of Mist Starter Box Kickstarter campaign!

    We are almost to the first one…a physical Character Folio pack adding 5 additional playable character folios like those found in the Starter Box.  And more will be added to the pack if we unlock them!

    The second is a physical Local Legends book adding additional, fleshed-out Districts to the City and some Small Time Villains to challenge the players!

    Each is a $20 add on, and as I said, we’ve already almost unlocked the Character Folio.  Heck, if even just half of the current backers added on the $40 for both, both would already be unlocked!  =)

    Here’s a link to the official Kickstarter update:


    And just one more tidbit to wrap-up my Universal Classic Monsters themed City of Mist crew…their Crew Card:

    Crew Theme – UCM (Universal Classic Monsters)
    Mystery – “Who is Westmore really?”
    Power Tags
    B. Alley-side apartment of the Midnighter Club
    E. Black Lincoln Navigator and Driver
    H. The Corrupt Fear Us
    A. No clear leadership

    Hope to see you all in the mean streets of The City!  What Legend will YOU become?




    6 hours left in the Kickstarter, we’ve upgraded the Starter Box in full, and we’ve unlocked a Character Folio pack add-on that adds additional ready-to-play characters in the same format as the Starter Box.

    Now we’re very close to unlocking a soundtrack for atmosphere…and then add additional characters into the Character Folio.



    The soundtrack is ours!  Moving towards adding more character folios to the character pack…

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