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    So I thought about this after discussion with @blinky465 about a previous “ring” he was a part of that passed on minis in a chainletter fashion from member to member. Here’s my idea on how to interpret this amongst COGs. I’ll begin with a mini meant for display purpose that I have worked on some to break it away from play purpose. I’ll send this out to a random COG member that responds in DM. The selected COG will continue the selection at random for the next recipient.

    I’ll put in a “Before” picture and then we’ll all get to see the “After” picture once the recipient has gotten done who will put in their “Before” for the next person. Essentially the mini becomes the gift to the painter. They pass on a naked figure with a display that they work on to someone else. This all works out like the Weekender for random selection so don’t play favorites. Thinking about trying to limit it here I’ll keep this out of Discord so I don’t get swamped… please don’t hit me with a tsunami of messages (hunkers down for the wave of messages behind a big eyed little girl)


    Being reasonable (arguably) this will be limited to a single figure that is selected for visual interest. Keep in mind the size of said figure as we know it can be a reason we never get around to doing anything with That One Big Project. If it can be modified to make it look more cool, have at it. If you sculpt and can make something by hand/print, have at it. This is to wow the person who gets it and the rest of us at a glance.

    As I have pushed repeatedly in the past the environment should be integrated as an element of concern to the people getting involved. Build up something neat that you think the next person might enjoy to keep on their shelf with all the other figures that they’ve painted. The prework of cleaning mold lines can be done by the sender as a courtesy beforehand. Assembly is probably a concern since things are going through the post. Snapped fiddly bits are indeed a pain to deal with so give a heads up to the next person for the need to put together or package accordingly. Thankfully this is all before the mini is touched by paint so that nightmare after all work is done gets mitigated.

    Its all about display so pushing ourselves well beyond comfort with techniques we’re not sure of in how to accomplish is the aim. This is also about the wait, Giftmas is hard enough knowing something is coming but the postal time with the ‘Rona running around makes this a bit longer and perhaps all the more difficult. There are some that have waited quite some time before they got their minis in the mail. This is like a present to the person putting out the figure as they get to see what crazy color and other elements get tossed onto the figure they sent out naked into the world. If shipping cost is an issue go ahead and message with the next person in the chain who gets selected.

    Here’s the info for this initial build:

    Reaper Miniatures – 03882-Blighted Dryad

    Resin plinth – 34 x 15mm and large magnet placed in the bottom

    Golden pumice aggregate, greenstuff, twigs


    Let it begin!

    giphy (1)


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    Sounds like a great idea.


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    So just to see if I understand this right: You (horatio) send one assembled unpainted mini to any volunteer. The receiving CoG paints up your model and then passes on a new model? Or just add a bit and then pass it on?

    Might be the Monday morning getting to me but I’m a bit confused.


    That is the correct information @sundancer . I will send off this mini to the next person. After that they photo something of interest to send to the next person  who will complete it. So far the idea has failed with little response but I’ll kick out the thing in general.

    @danlee You’ve been the only respondent… congratulations



    On looking over the mailing regulations regarding magnetic material I think that I have severely made an error and bit off more than I could chew. Holy crap it would be a nightmare for the average person to put together a package with the appropriate required labeling for air shipment.

    I’ll cancel this idea as it hasn’t been popular and go ahead and send out a replacement mini without any magnetic material in the base That should suffice.

    Well.. the COG only chain is scrapped. I’ll probably chuck it up to the Unofficial Weekender.

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    @horati0nosebl0wer she’s arrived.



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    Sweet deal! It held together en route. I was hoping that nothing happened and I am happy to see the arrival without issue. My main concern was the staff as it started as a white metal bit that I cut out and replaced with a bit of piano wire. Good luck on the painting.


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    Here’s the finished model. Full project entry here:




    Who’s interested in joining in round two? DM me if your interested and in a week’s time I’ll pick an applicant at random for me to send a mini to. I’m going to 3D print the model so will discuss with the recipient to see what sort of model they would like.


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    @blink465 gets the next mini in the chain. I’ve reached out to him to see what sort of mini would interest him.

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